Sunday Slideshow: How to make a bubble catcher

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Linking up with the yeah write #159 weekend moonshine grid. 


15 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: How to make a bubble catcher

  1. I love the look of determination on his face! (As a side note, I like how you presented this and may have to borrow it for one of my own posts. If it a plugin/widget to present the slideshow like that?)


  2. Hah! I’ve never heard of a bubble catcher! What a cute idea. And I love that optional step. Well, and the adorable P.J.’s. 🙂


    1. I swear I replied to this already, but my comment was eaten.
      Philip invented the bubble catcher idea. It took me awhile to figure out the pattern and purpose.
      Also, those PJs now have holes in them thanks to unsupervised time with the scissors.


  3. I really love this… he is too adorable, and so serious and determined to make the bubble catcher.. I love that optional step too… very cute post! 🙂


  4. I could see the seriousness of this activity through the photo storytelling. (I would never had thought to use the gallery widget as a vehicle for story–great idea.) My favorite photo was step 14. So many bubble catchers! My daughter (5) loves to make fans and fans and fans.


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