Sunday Slideshow: Sock Monsters!

A week ago Friday, I got an email from PayPal saying that my package had been shipped. My stomach dropped and my mind raced. What I did I order? Wait, I never use PayPal. I was sure that this was just the first sign that my life had been hacked, my bank account had been drained, and my identify had been stolen.

Seriously, who would want my identity?

Fortunately, the panic attack was staved off when I took the time to read the entire email. Then I did a happy dance at my desk when I saw the name of the shipper: leap phrog design.

Ha! I thought. Now there’s a reason for someone to get jealous enough to steal my identity.

Way back in November during the first week of NaBloPoMo at yeah write, I won a prize. There were several up for grabs, but I was delighted to learn that I was the recipient of the prize donated by my rowmie, Laura, who writes over at Phrogmom’s Weblog. I was to become the proud owner of a sock monster!

The package was delivered on Monday. While waiting for its arrival, I had been trying to think up a good name for my sock monster. In fact, I had one picked out. It was a boy name, but I had a feeling that would be just fine.

Imagine my surprise to open the box and find not one, but two sock monsters!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I have two, I’m not sure what to name them. I thought I could solicit ideas here on the blog or run a poll. I still might do that. Of course, Philip quickly adopted the sock monsters as his own. I might need to leave it up to him. That’s assuming Roscoe doesn’t think these are dog toys and chew them up as he has done with other toys that are supposed to be Philip’s.  I’ve already caught him with one in his mouth.

I took the monsters to work with me on Tuesday. Due to the bad weather, there was no one there to show them to, but that also meant there was no one there when I posed them on my desk and started taking photos.

I think the monsters could be a regular blog feature. Maybe once a month I’ll share their adventures. You can tell me how cute the sock monsters are, suggest suitable monikers, or recommend ways that the sock monsters can be featured in future posts in the comments.

One final note: every time I think “sock monster” I actually sing the phrase in my head a la the B-52’s “Rock Lobster.”

You’re doing it now, too, aren’t you? Catchy, isn’t it?

It just so happens that the theme for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is object. I think these sock monsters (sing it with me!) are the perfect subject for the challenge. See more photos of objects here.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Sock Monsters!

  1. Oh, I see roscoe eyeing them up in one of your pics! Our Scooby also tends to steal the kids’ toys! I am so glad they made it and I can’t wait to see more of their adventures!!


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