Tomorrow could be worse

Does a scratchy throat and stuffy nose make you want to sleep for the rest of the day?

Remember: tomorrow could be worse!

Does the howling wind rattling your house have you burying your head back under the covers?

Remember: tomorrow could be worse!

That’s right, folks. You can forget all those other motivational mantras. YOLO? No, bro. Carpe diem? Crappy idiom.  The only words of wisdom you need are these: tomorrow could be worse.

That thought will inspire you to get out of bed, showered, and into your car because you only have a finite number of sick days, and can you really afford to use one today because, remember, tomorrow could be worse?

That thought will spur you on as you shovel the knee-deep snow while trying to get your car unstuck from middle of your driveway.  It will keep you shoveling even though your stomach is growling because you skipped breakfast, the cold air is making you cough more, and your back is starting to hurt.

Sure, tomorrow could be worse isn’t foolproof. After you get your car unstuck and then stuck again at the end of the driveway, you may say to your husband, “I’ll push while you drive the car back into the garage because, screw this, I am NOT going to work.”

Tomorrow could be worse might be forgotten while you email your boss announcing that you can’t get your car out of driveway and won’t make it in. The phrase will be a distance memory as you change out of your wet pants and crawl back into bed, grateful that your toddler is still asleep.

But never fear: your tenacious husband fully embraces the tomorrow could be worse philosophy. He’ll save you from weak-willed desire for slumber by loudly searching for his hat and gloves, opening the garage door and starting the car. When you get out of bed to find out why he is making all this noise, he’ll remind you that milk is on sale today, so he is going to get the other car out of the garage and go buy some because the weather tomorrow could be worse. He’ll have you guiltily donning your own boots and winter gear to assist with snow removal only to find him sitting in the car already in the street.

Upon seeing him, the words will flood back into your mind: tomorrow could be worse. These words will steel you as you go back inside, change your clothes, and head off to work once more. You’ll remember that tomorrow could be worse as you slowly navigate icy roads, strain to see through the swirling snow, and feel your compact car being pushed around by the gusts of wind that have sent the temperatures below zero.

When you walk into your office, your startled coworker will say, “Oh, you made it in.” This is the perfect opportunity to introduce her to your reason for getting out of bed each day.

“I figured I better. You never know: tomorrow could be worse.”

48 thoughts on “Tomorrow could be worse

    1. Having just read your dumbass vs. bad ass post, I can understand why you are making the comparison. Sometimes it’s good to be stubborn. You just have to pick the proper times.
      Work hasn’t been too bad. I managed to buy milk and go to the library, so if tomorrow is worse, at least we will be well-provisioned.


  1. I think I have a different conversation with myself in my head…a constant running thought of, “it’s going to get better, it’s going to get better, look, it’s getting better.” We all gotta do what we gotta do to get the car on the road and pointed at work. And don’t forget the milk. 😀


    1. Husband usually have a simple philosophy to life. My husbands comes up with some great one liners too. I can’t remember one right now; so I will have to listen out for one and blog about it. LOL I enjoyed reading your funny blog today.


    1. I’m sure you understand that I can’t only think of myself. I have to think of “what if my son gets sick?” Plus, I need vacation time for IEPs, school visits, field trips, etc. Mama ain’t got time for being sick herself.


  2. Letting the cares of one day fill our mind is the best course of action. We certainly are not promised tomorrow and that should drive us to only look forward to what we have going on at that time. Should I say, because we all wonder about the future.


  3. If tomorrow could be worse then I’d stay in bed until the day after that. But if what Craig Ferguson tell us is true, that “Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday,” then I’ll just wait until yesterday arrives to get up.


  4. Lol. This made me think of the movie Young Frankenstein, where Igor says “Could be worse–could be raining!” I’ll think of you tomorrow, but I hope that it’s not worse, but better.


    1. I realize that I made it sound like my husband really does think this way. He was actually being literal as in “the weather tomorrow is forecasted to be worse, so we should stock up today.” It’s my warped brain that thinks the sky is falling.


  5. If I said to myself that “tomorrow could be worse”, I’d probably not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. Oh wait – but then it would be today. Cool. I’m good then. 😉 Great post!


  6. Ha! OK, it’s possible (just possible) that this is a negative spin on the seize the day stuff. But from where I’m standing, it also seems like a good way to quit feeling sorry for yourself. If it could get worse, then enjoy where you’re at!


  7. I love this. My “kick my rear into gear” mantra these days, is a twist on your refrain. Tomorrow (or next week, next year) you will be older. I realize the things I complain about today, I’ll have even more reasons to complain the older I get. Enjoy each day. Tomorrow is unknown. Hope your day is going well.


    1. Isn’t that a line from a song? Oh no it’s “Don’t Stop, thinking about tomorrow.” I think you’re on the right track. At least two times in the last month, I really wanted to stay home, but I thought, we could have a real blizzard instead of howling winds and -20 windchills. So I showed up. One of the paralegals I work for took a vacation day. But after I arrived at work, I thought, why waste a vacation day on such miserable weather?


  8. If you stay in bed with the sniffles on Friday and you have the weekend off and you get paid on Thursday, then you have three days to recover before the dreaded Monday!!! Yep! That was me last Friday, I woke up sounding like a bullfrog with laryngitis and I have to talk on the phone on and off during the day, so great day to stay in bed!!!


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