Sunday Slideshow: Instead of sleeping . . .

On Saturday evening, I went into Philip’s room and found him laying on his bed half asleep. It was too early for him to go to bed, so I gave him his bath early. I hoped that, once he was clean, he would return to his room, relax and fall asleep. Sure, it would be a little early, but considering that he had stayed up until 2:00 am the night before, Mommy was really looking forward to hitting the sack herself.

Unfortunately, Philip got his second wind after the bath. Instead of sleeping, he:

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Instead of sleeping . . .

  1. Totally delightful candid camera shots! Oh for the unending energy and enthusiasm of childhood! Poor Mommy… she was probably found curled up and asleep on the pantry floor with her camera in her hand! :0)


  2. i am in love with his pjs too! My nearly 11 year old daughter will ONLY sleep in footed pjs year round! It’s becoming a challenge to find footed pjs for a five foot five girl


  3. The best laid plans…My first child never wanted to go to bed, and once she was finally in bed, she stayed awake as long as she could. She outlasted me more than once. Then I was blessed with my second child, who liked nothing better than napping and going to bed.

    Telling your story in photos was so perfect for this post!!!


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