Ten Things of Thankful #32

Ten Things of Thankful

1. I mentioned this in last week’s list, but I’m thankful that I had Monday off. It was great to have three days to sleep in, plus I had time to do some other fun and useful things as evidenced below.

I’ll try not to think about how the next paid holiday isn’t until May.

2. I’m thankful that I had a cake mix and frosting in the pantry. Philip had been using his iPad to ask for cake during the previous week. When I told him there was no cake to give him, he took me by the hand to the pantry and grabbed the unopened can of frosting from the shelf. Since he usually did this in the evening, I told him he could not have frosting before bed. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I baked a cake. Philip had fun watching me mix the cake and totally didn’t mind that it came out lopsided.

He only ate the frosting.

3. I’m thankful that the weather was warm enough on Sunday that, while the cake was baking,  Philip and I could stand outside and watch Canadian geese fly overhead. I’m also thankful that we live far enough away from the lake where they gather when not in flight that the almost constant honking doesn’t keep me awake at night.

I could do without the things that do keep me awake at night.

4. I’m thankful that my boss recommended a market about thirty miles west of us. We drove to the Mennonite-run store with a huge deli and everything you would ever want to buy in bulk on Monday. We bought roast beef and Swiss cheese, but I was most excited about the dried blueberries. Walmart has stopped carrying Philip’s favorite dried fruit them except in the mixed berry packs. Philip picks out all of the blueberries from the mix; he sometimes eats the cranberries. Now, he can have all the blueberries that he desires.

Until we run out. And then we’ll take another road trip!

5. I heart libraries. I think I mentioned that last week, too. But did I add that I love the way you can do some much online nowadays? I’m thankful the library lets me renew items and place holds online.

You know, if I did forget to renew something online or in person, I don’t mind paying late fees to the library. I can’t say the same for any other establishment.

6. I’m thankful that I can make Philip smile by singing along with his DVDs. I think he is amazed that I know the words. He is especially amused by my renditions of “Dem Bones” and “Froggy Went A Courtin'” as featured on one of his Scholastic Storybook Treasure DVDs.

No, there is no video proof.

7. I’m thankful that our master bathroom has a garden tub big enough for two. No, nothing romantic is implied. I’m thankful because Peter and Philip can now take baths together. We’re hoping Philip will start picking up on how to wash himself by having a role model in the tub with him.

Plus, less work for Mommy!

8. I’m thankful that Philip has homework. Sure, I’ll start complaining about this when I have to figure out how to do math the new way (what is up with that?). For now, I love having insight into what Philip is learning at school since he doesn’t tell us.

Note to self: make sure you read the directions. You are making more mistakes than Philip.

9. I’m thankful that Peter found the glove that I thought I had lost. Heck, my hands were cold wearing gloves today. Sure, I have two pairs, but I like having one set for each coat. Plus, the glove that I misplaced is from my favorite pair.

Don’t you have a favorite pair of gloves?

10. I’m thankful for this.

balloons 011

Need I say more?

29 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #32

  1. This was quite a nice list of thankful’s. My favorite has to be the library; I can so relate to not feeling bad about paying late fees to anyone BUT them. I recently figured out how to download library material to my Kindle, and I have been in heaven ever since. Cute pictures of Philip, as always!


  2. When a cute boy asks you for cake, you make cake!
    There’s a Mennonite grocery store about 30 miles east of us. My parents go there nearly every weekend. They have the BEST angel food cakes, made from scratch. Now I want one…. (There’s an Old Order Mennonite fruit and vegetable market about 80 miles north of here that is pretty cool to visit, too.)
    We have a big tub in our bathroom, too. When my kids were little, my husband would take a bath with both of them in the tub. It was pretty cute and very messy.


  3. I love a three-day weekend. It seems like such a treat.
    I’ll never forget the first time I heard a flock of Canada geese fly overhead. They were quite low and completely silent except for their wings flapping. It was the most calming sound. Now, living out here in the middle of nowhere, we can hear a flock honking miles off, and we all gather outside to watch them fly high over our heads. I like a goose, as long as it isn’t living anywhere near me. Those things are a serious nuisance on the ground!
    I have always liked a library, and I never minded the fines. I see it as an investment in the kids’ education. However, the kids have gotten very lazy about leaving them around, so we have way too many fines and have even had to pay for a couple of books. We’re on a library hiatus for now.
    Have a lovely day!


  4. I must say, Philip has good taste. Who can argue with frosting and dried blueberries? I think they would even be good together!

    I love the ease of renewing books online! I also like being able to place holds and download Kindle books from the comfort of my own home, too.

    There is a pair of gloves around here somewhere, but they don’t get too much use here in southern California. Glad you have both hands covered now.


    1. I have to admit that I can’t figure out how to download books onto my Kindle. Of course, I have one of the earlier models, so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I never think to take it with me and ask a librarian.


  5. I love that he got you to make the cake and only eat the frosting. I don’t care how you wanna spin it, that’s precision communication right there 😀 Glad the homework’s helping, and the Both Bath sounds like a good idea.

    I used to have to share the tub with my sister, when we were kids, and I’m pretty sure all I taught her to do was splash.


  6. ok so I adore libraries and we have a mennanite store that is the best thing in town and for miles…love that place! also gotta say that that little Phillip boy is awful cute as well… I love that photo of him watching you make the cake… how sweet is he? and its cool that he can ask for stuff with the ipad… I asked you about his program a few weeks back and a client has started using it with great results.. I cant recall the name of the program right now but thanks again!


  7. Ah! My daughter mostly just eats the icing too. I have to admit I have some in a can and if I’m in a good mood I’ll reapply some more to her cupcake or piece of cake if it’s all licked free (only once in a while – treat!)

    I don’t know that I’m with you on homework – it’s our first year in school (junior kindergarten) and all we really have is a once a week show and tell to practice for. It’s a fun activity – but it’s currently work for mom and dad as much as our daughter. I keep thinking this is only the beginning….

    Love your last photo – so much thankful there 🙂


      1. Ah lucky! My favourite was the Show and Tell we practiced with a fish magnet from the fridge which she brought to school – but then she got nervous so she told the teacher she didn’t have it – and we got a note home in her bag to the effect of “make sure your kid remembers to do their homework”. I felt like I was being scolded!

        We wrote back, and explained – once I got the story from her – but it’s tough with little ones!


  8. #10 is just awesome!

    Big tubs are great – used to take Kidzilla for a swim with me when she was a baby in our jetted tub and she just loved it. Still does, but now she takes over the tub all by herself for a big girl bath. I think I have lost my tub…

    Libraries are great – I honestly did not know about the renew online thing. We had one or two late returns this summer and I should definitely find out about that!

    Lost gloves are always from the favorite pair. My daughter lost one from her favorite pair (also my favorite pair of hers) and it was sad. We were happy to find a replacement pair.

    Have a wonderful week!


  9. I love the frosting too. lol. Wonderful photos. Oh, my 2nd grader is already doing math that I dislike helping with, only because most of the time I’m clueless. My 6th grader would rather re-read her notes than ask me to help with math. I end up confusing her more. Wasn’t my best subject in school. I miss the days of pre-school and kindergarten homework.


  10. Yay for cake!! I am a huge frosting eater. My boys used to take baths together. There were storms, and battles and somehow they emerged clean with smiles. Kisses! are the best communication. I learned more about math teaching the kids than I ever did in school.


  11. I remember my first trip to the library, must have been about 5 or 6, it was a small one in town, in an old granite building one main floor and a half story/mezzanine. The silence was what struck me first, I recall thinking that it was like in church except fun.
    lol (nothing against churches, of course, but the library silence seemed to be more voluntary and by mutual consent.)
    frosting without the cake makes sense to me!


  12. SUCH a sweet photo at the end! I love how persistent you son was with the cake. He was gonna get cake! Or frosting.
    I, too, love how much can be done online at the library site. Anytime I hear of a book I want to check out, I got look it up and place a hold, and then I don’t have to worry about forgetting the title when I’m there. Also, I get notifications three days and one day before books are due back, which is super helpful. I haven’t actually paid fines in months!


  13. I love your TToT lists and that gorgeous little boy that plays a starring role! It’s been a long time since I was a card-carrying library member, and I was delighted to know that you can now reserve and renew books online, remembering the many times I would dutifully lug in an armful to get them restamped, or just surrender to pay the fees, though I agree, those fines support something awesome… free books just there for the borrowing… that was the highlight of my life growing up! Yes, I have a favorite pair of gloves that I “lost” in the little cold snap we had last week. Where did I finally find them? Tucked nicely inside my warm pull-on knit hat! (It seemed like such a good idea at the time! 😉 I can’t wait to come back next week and see more photos – they generate great smiles! 🙂


  14. Don’t be upset with me, but I don’t have a favorite pair of gloves because it doesn’t really get that cold here during the day and we never get snow. 🙂 I hate snow so this is perfect. I have heard that they do math differently now. I’m homeschooling my kids though so maybe I will show them the old way when they get to that point. I love how picky your son is with the frosting and the blueberries. Sounds just like little kids because my son does the same type of thing. I would love Monday off too. I can relate to that from when I was working before I had my son. Hang in there for an extra day in May. 🙂


  15. Your son defintely know what part of the cake is the best :)! Give me a corner piece any day…or even just the can of frosting!

    You definitely caught my attention when you referred to the “Mennonite-run” store. Mennonite is my faith tradition. I’m not familiar with this store in Ohio. Is it near Holmes County? My guess is that these Mennonites are more conservative than myself. Like many denominations and faith traditions, there’s great diversity among the members.

    I have a couple of favorite gloves. I almost included a related mention in my thankfuls. I have much trouble keeping track of my gloves :/! My husband has gone to great lengths to help me retrieve dropped or missing ones!


    1. The store is about 60 miles northwest of Holmes County, so it probably wouldn’t be as widely-known as the stores there. I don’t know if you clicked on the link, but there website is only a single page. Even though it is relatively close to us, I don’t think we would have found it if my boss hadn’t told me about it. I’m definitely planning on a return trip next month.


  16. The store you found sounds wonderful. YAY for dried blueberries (my son loves them too and won’t touch the other stuff in the mixed packages either). Awesome thankful list – finding a favorite glove is a big deal and the kiss at the end of your post? AWWW. So adorable. Also, super-cool that your husband can do bath-time now. That’s huge.


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