Ten Things of Thankful #30

I swear that this is neither a sponsored post nor one that includes affiliate links.

That’s not intended as a critique of bloggers who use either strategy for making money. More power to you, I say. But I did want to let you know that I’m not making any money in this post. It just so happens that several businesses have made my life easier this past week. I thought I would acknowledge them as part of this Ten Things of Thankful post.

Ten Things of Thankful

1. I’m thankful for the CVS/pharmacy loyalty program. When I had to fill two different prescriptions for Philip, pick up some over-the-counter medicine and stock up on milk when Philip was sick, having coupons for $14 off was a big help. I was able to combine that with a twenty-five percent off coupon, and then, after buying what I needed, I ended up with another five dollars off to use next time. And did I mention they emailed me a twenty-percent off coupon this week? Every little bit helps.

2. I’m thankful that, not only has Philip recovered from his illness and allergic reaction, we also got good news from his recent blood draw: his lead levels have continued to decrease. Woohoo!

3. I’m thankful that we finally organized the garage. It’s nice to arrive home and not see clutter before I even make it into the house.

4. I’m thankful for my slow cooker. There’s nothing better than coming home to both an organized garage and supper already made with leftovers for later in the week.

4. I’m thankful that I found where I put my scarves just in time for subzero temps. Note: I did not find them while organizing the garage, but that helped narrow their location down.

5. I’m thankful that there was a delayed start at work on Tuesday. The icy, frigid drive home on Monday night was slow-going and nerve-wracking (which was all the more reason to be happy that I had a scarf to wear, that the garage looked tidy, and that supper was ready).

6. I’m thankful that Subway is running its “JanuANY” promotion where any foot long sandwich is $5. I can use one sub for two meals and have a tasty way to sneak veggies into my diet. Sure, I could have packed the leftover pot roast that I had made in the crock pot, but it’s nice to have a bit of variety without all the grease and fat of other fast food options. Plus, there wouldn’t have been leftovers to have for supper two other nights this week.

7. I’m thankful for free shipping from Walmart.com. Our new home is farther away from the store, so it’s a big help to get items we need shipped right to the house.  From diapers to cereal to coffee to soap, I save time and fuel.

8. I’m thankful for the MyPoints online shopping rewards program that lets me earn points per dollar spent every time I order from Walmart.com and other retailers. I exchange the points for gift cards. That’s how we did all our Christmas shopping this year.

9. I’m thankful that one of my coworkers, after reading my post about feeling obligated to boycott Home Depot, gave me several of the wooden project kits for kids from Lowe’s. Having read my complaints about the Lowe’s kids workshops being too far away, not as welcoming as the ones at Home Depot, and having projects that were a bit complicated, she thought it would be easier for us to do them at home. A big thank you to her husband who works at Lowe’s and provided the kits. And in case you were worried, I promise there will be photos on the blog of all the completed kits.

10. And finally, I’m thankful for the employee at a local business that took this picture on Monday morning and posted it on the company’s Facebook page:

The caption posted on Facebook was: It's 12 degrees. Windchill -6. And some guy is on his hippie bike taking his beer cooler for a ride.

I’m thankful for the picture because I wasn’t sure anyone would believe me when I told them I had passed somebody on a recumbent bicycle when I drove to work that morning. It was only twelve degrees with a wind chill of minus six. I was cold in my car.

Also, I’m thankful I wasn’t that person on the bike because either this was his/her only form of transportation or else s/he has no common sense.


47 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #30

  1. Would you believe that even with our -40 conditions in Winnipeg there are people who use bicycles as their primary form of transportation year round? Not me– I’m a fair-weather cyclist. But the real die-hards even have snow-tires (yes, you can get snow-tires for bicycles — who knew!) Personally I think the thing that makes it a little crazy isn’t the cold but rather the ice. I’d be terrified of wiping out in traffic (says the woman who rear-ended a little old lady on Christmas day 😦 )


    1. I’d believe almost anything. The cyclist made me nervous because I had to brake to slow down and my car wasn’t too happy about that. And passing the person was dodgy, too.
      Sorry to hear you rear-ended someone. I did that once when the weather was fine, so I understand the 😦


  2. Slow cookers are true lifesavers.

    It’s nice to remember that not all “big business” is bad. We are their bread and butter after all, so it is good when their programs work out to our advantage.

    Looking forward to seeing the completed projects!


  3. I think coupons are a huge thing to be thankful for! I use them every chance I get, especially for groceries as I have four kids in my house who love to eat and next to my mortgage, my grocery bill is highest!
    I totally agree with you on the slow cooker love. While here in Florida we didn’t get the ridiculous temps, we did manage the 30s and I made a large pot of chili and then chicken and dumplings in mine. Perfect cold weather food.
    Amen to Subway! My son is a Subway addict and this will be the perfect month for him to use that Subway gift card he got for Christmas!


    1. Yes-your son should definitely take advantage of the $5 deal at Subway. Of course, I’m a big fan of their on-going breakfast special: any six inch breakfast sub & a small coffee for $3. Cheaper than the other fast food places and a sandwich with veggies!


  4. Store delivery and crock pots are HUGE thankfuls for me, too! And I can’t believe that cyclist was out there in those cold temps! My husband is a die-hard cyclist and he went out for a ride one day when the wind-chill was around18 degrees (F). He was back in about 10 mintues…LOL.


    1. My poor dog has been deprived because I didn’t want to walk for any distance in that cold. Of course, his paws didn’t appreciate the snow after a few minutes.
      But biking in that weather? No, thanks!


  5. Maybe the recumbent bike offers less surface area for wind-chill or something, but that still seems bonkers.

    I’m SO happy that Philip’s lead levels are coming down. And poor chap having to have a blood test. My Neff had one recently but apparently it went okay, because they used anaesthetic cream on the site first. I’d been tying myself up in knots imagining how bad it could be for him.

    And no need for so many disclaimers – it sounds like these companies have genuinely helped you, and it’s really alright (and probably good) to be thankful for them 😀


    1. It is completely free. Is it okay if I email you a link? I get points for referring users. I have your email from the comments. Let me know if you would prefer I post the link in a comment instead.


    1. I suppose if you have a bigger family, you might not get as many meals. But I know you understand when I point out that my son won’t eat what we make in the crock.
      Maybe some day . . .


  6. Yes to 3 and 4! (Did you notice you had two 4s?–Extra thankful!) I actually wrote about 3 myself this week, and I should have written about 4. I think I’ve used my slow cooker about four times already this year! It’s a goal for me.
    Oh, and that recumbent bike. Yikes!


  7. Decreasing lead levels has to be a huge thankful! Saving money, organizing, and veggies on sandwiches–all of a sudden I feel like trying to sing this to the tune of “My Favorite Things”. Anyway, I love your list!


  8. Although that biker was crazy or desperate, I really appreciate the way the bike was flagged. One of my pet peeves/anxieties is coming upon bikers, especially in the dark, who have no lights, no reflective markings, wearing dark clothing.

    By the way, would you post the link to the CVS savings program? I use Amazon for many things.


    1. Yes, the bike was well-marked. When the cars were slowing in front of me, I wasn’t certain if it was an Amish buggy or not. The flags helped me spot the bike when the other cars passed it.


  9. Clean garage and a slow cooker make the world go around a little smoother. I love when coupons work together at precisely the right moment. Glad to hear wellness is on its way to your house. AND riding a bike in that weather… well… all I can say to that is Health Insanity.


  10. I love MyPoints! And yay for decreasing lead levels!

    I also enjoyed the cyclist picture. Almost similar to the Amish buggies I would see on the roads growing up – they are out there in all types of weather!


  11. You’ve reminded me that I really need to break out my slow cooker again soon.

    As for cycling in winter – people do it here in freezing temperatures – not for me! It’s cold and windy enough without the added wind chill that comes from cycling. Ugh!


  12. I like to use the slow cooker year-round. I was especially delighted to find out you can put a completely frozen roast in there in the morning, and that sucker will be done by afternoon. (This is very helpful to someone who always forgets to thaw the meat the night before.) In the summer, I like to bake potatoes in my slow cooker and not have to heat up the house.
    I can’t imagine riding a bicycle during the winter at all, but during a Polar Vortex? Mmm, no. I never stuck my nose out of the house for three days when it hit here.


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