Sunday Slideshow: Breakfast with Santa

Our homeowners association held a “Breakfast with Santa” on Saturday. Peter and I decided to take Philip as a way to meet some of our new neighbors.

The event was held at The Lodge. Philip liked the place immediately because it had ceiling fans. We only had to wait in line for a little bit before we had our tray filled with food.

Finding a seat was the first challenge. The tables were close together, so it wasn’t easy to access empty chairs in the middle. Our plan of getting to know our people bombed as we had to sit by ourselves at the end of a table in a side room. However, our next door neighbor, who we met when we were power washing the house, happened by. We chatted with him for several minutes.

Since we weren’t busy socializing, we could focus on our breakfast. I guess the sausage was tasty because Philip ate both links and didn’t share a single bite with me. He was less interested in the pancakes. I ate them all. Peter drank coffee.

Once we finished eating, I asked Philip, “Do you want to see Santa?” He immediately reached for his iPad and found the word “Santa.” I took that as a yes.

Santa was holding a teeny, tiny baby when we approached. Philip wanted to go right over, but I made him wait. I’m not sure if he wanted to see Santa or the baby.

I urged Philip to say hello to Santa, but he only had eyes for Santa’s watch. Santa wasn’t too pushy about it, which I appreciated. I thought I might catch Philip standing beside Santa and looking up instead of at the watch, but no luck. And then, Philip wanted his turn with the camera.

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After getting a candy cane from Santa, we made our way to the craft tables. A cute little girl who was working at one of the tables helpfully showed us what we could make. There were several foam cut-outs that could be decorated with stickers. Philip opted for a Christmas tree (even saying tree with his iPad). I had to help him take the backing off the stickers, but he knew exactly where he wanted to place each one. I helped him put a magnet strip on the back.

There was a second craft, but Philip already had put his coat back on. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to stop him once he had his sights on leaving. One of the association staff members handed Philip her completed version of the craft. He took it and then said “bye-bye” several times while waving.

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I am fortunate that I have family and friends to connect with throughout the holidays and on Christmas day. However, I know that not everyone has that luxury. For those of you who feel isolated and lonely this holiday season, there is a place for you: Company for Christmas. Created in 2012 by Rule of Stupid, volunteer bloggers offer conversation and posts, comments and companionship throughout the holiday. If you have time, stop by to comment and converse or sign up to volunteer. A big thank you to Rarasaur for bringing this to my attention and for helping to organize the event this year.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Breakfast with Santa

  1. I always notice ceiling fans and wrist watches. He is super cute. (Is that an augmentative communication device on the table during the tree decorating? I am a speech therapist and got nerd-happy when I saw it.)


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