Tomorrow is the last day of November. That means that tomorrow is the final day of NaBloPoMo. I have my last post of the month written and scheduled. I might tweak it a bit before it gets published, but I consider it complete.

That leaves today. Today is the next-to-last day of the month. For twenty-eight days straight I have published on my blog. Because we were moving, I wrote several posts in advance and scheduled them, much like I did with tomorrow’s post. But I didn’t schedule anything for today. I was certain that between moving, Thanksgiving, my list of blog ideas and the drafts waiting expectantly in my blog’s dashboard I would be able to easily throw a post together. I’ve spent the month Tweeting suggestions to others participating in NaBloPoMo, completely confident that I wasn’t going to run out of post ideas. I’ve smugly commented on those unfortunate, inspiration-less bloggers’ posts. “There, there,” I assured them, “you’ll be okay. You’ll get an idea. It doesn’t have to be fancy.”


So here I am, and it is the penultimate day of NaBloPoMo. Thank goodness that I just love that word: penultimate. I love how useful it is. Sure, the first thing or the last thing usually commands the  attention, but sometimes you need to point out the second-to-last thing. And being able to say “penultimate” is so convenient. One word is all it takes.

Day 29-the penultimate day!

2 thoughts on “Penultimate

  1. A fabulous second to the last post! I love vocabulary definitions. You can never go wrong. They are one of my favorite things – I also love a good quote 🙂


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