Helping make “selfie” the Word of the Year

Philip laughed.

I looked up from my desk to see what had amused Philip. He was sitting on the couch yesterday afternoon with his iPad propped on the coffee table. As much as we have tried to limit Philip’s use of the device to the speech app, our curious little monkey likes to push buttons and see what happens. That’s how he found FaceTime about a month ago. He discovered that the app serves the place of a mirror. He can make faces at himself and even see what partially chewed Froot Loops look like.

I assumed that Philip had once again accessed the app and found the sight of his own face to be really funny.

I was wrong.

This time, Philip had figured out how to use his iPad as a camera. In the span of less than twenty minutes, Philip took over 300 pictures of himself.


I spent at least that much time deleting the photos from the camera roll. There were a dozen of just the couch as well as a handful using some of the special effect features.

On the upside, I used one of the photos to personalize Philip’s speech app. He now has a selfie on the buttons for me, myself and I.

It’s Day 25 and you are getting a post actually conceived, written and posted today. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read, like and comment on my scheduled posts while I was busy moving.

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