Sunday Slideshow: a walk

The photos below were taken on a Sunday, but that was three weeks ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If Philip, Roscoe and I were to take a walk today, the photos would be quite a bit different. First of all, we would be bundled up thanks to frigid temperatures. There would be snow on the ground covering up the leaves. Most importantly, we would not be walking the city sidewalks that we have grown familiar with over the last two years. That’s because we have now moved to our new home.

In addition to new sights, the sounds of our new neighborhood are also quite different. At our old place, we frequently heard the wail of ambulance sirens and the whir of helicopter wings headed to the hospital a few blocks from our home. At our new place, I hear the honk of geese landing on the lake in the center of our community and the clop of horses’ hooves as the Amish in the area make their way down the country roads.

All of these new sights and sounds are sure to be featured in slide shows in the future.

I just saw that this week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop theme is “last days.” I decided to link up my slide show of pictures from our last days at our old house. You can join the hop, too by clicking on the picture above.

Day 24

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