Be their guest: Raised on the Radio

Raised on the Radio

Inspired by the weekly writing prompts offered by Jen Kehl on Twisted MixTape Tuesday, I took a stroll down memory lane and wrote a post about the AM radio in my first car. My story found it’s way onto the playlist at Jen’s second home, Raised on the Radio. She runs the station with Linda and Lance. Thanks to all three for giving me a guest deejay spot! Click here to read my story.

2 thoughts on “Be their guest: Raised on the Radio

  1. You nailed it! Both Crappy Car With AM Radio Syndrome (from which I also suffered, primarily as a passenger), and also the main reason I listen to the radio: serendipity. I don’t want everything in my life to be set to a flippin’ playlist. It pays to be open to adventures, even tiny little musical ones.


  2. I LOVE “Those Were The Day”!!!!!! The lyrics came easily to my mind just now. I drove a white Delta 88 with a baby blue vinyl top. Those cars we had were tanks. And I so remember waiting patiently for songs to be played.


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