Sunday Slideshow: Breakfast at Denny’s

Fretting over our impending but as yet unconfirmed move, Peter and I both woke up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Philip stayed asleep, so we were able to do some packing.

Peter usually skips breakfast. And lunch. But packing and moving boxes meant he had an appetite. He said, “Let’s go to Denny’s.”

Peter and I have been to Denny’s a couple of times this summer in the early hours of Sunday morning after a Saturday night tractor pull. Philip, however, has never joined us. That’s why I wanted to mark the occasion with some photos. I snapped some pictures on my phone after we ordered. As you can see, he doesn’t look too thrilled.

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Philip quickly bored with coloring his menu, but he sat quietly. Well, he did keep pushing “eat” on his iPad. We assured him that our order was on its way.

I ordered Philip a “Junior Grand Slam” with bacon, a scrambled egg and three silver dollar pancakes. As soon as the plate hit the table, he grabbed a slice of bacon. Philip’s bacon was cooked, but I immediately regretted not specifying that it be crispy. He picked off the crispest bits, and then began eyeing Peter’s plate. Peter’s bacon was much crisper. After staring at it for a while, he went to his iPad.


I offered him some of his egg. He ate a bite and then told us again, “Eat.”

Peter gave up and handed over one of his two slices of bacon. Philip quickly devoured it and then repeated, “Eat.”

Unable to resist Philip’s request, Peter gave up his second slice of bacon.

After he polished off Peter’s bacon, he decided that the remainder of his slices were adequate, and he finished them off, too. Then he tried a bite of pancake before deciding he was full.

Philip looked much happier once he ate. I wanted to take a few after breakfast pictures of him smiling. He was swaying side to side, so I couldn’t capture him when not in motion. Peter said, “Philip, show Mama how good your breakfast was.” Philip turned to his iPad, pressed the button for “Bye” and then waved his hands in the air and said in his sing-song voice, “All done!”

I guess that told us what he thought of breakfast. It was over.

Sill, we were all smiling when we left.

Day 10

14 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Breakfast at Denny’s

  1. I haven’t had Denny’s in ages! Your post makes me want to go! Philip is adorable & a smart boy for liking crispier bacon 🙂 Good luck w/ the move. After our last move into our current house, we swore we’d never move again LOL


    1. The important fact was getting the work done while the little guy was still asleep. Otherwise, we would probably have still been packing!
      Who am I kidding? There is still a lot of packing to do!


  2. Restaurant experiences can be challenging but I love how you did it and more important Phillip did it. For my son it still can be hard…some days even the quietest place doesn’t even work. I am convinced that the more we do it..the more we let him practice…..he will find his own way to handle it.


      1. OMG I think its amazing when a restaurant makes sure to give the children something to do….and eat….as soon as possible. All children have trouble figuring out “wait times” and “waiting” but when you add Autism to the mix…I swear it amps it all up.


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