Meet my rowmies

In addition to publishing a blog post every day this month, I’m spending NaBloPoMo meeting and supporting other bloggers. After signing up at BlogHer, I joined the yeah write NaBloPoMo grid. There are one hundred and five bloggers participating there. I think that’s amazing!

Of course, visiting each and every person every day isn’t realistic. That’s why at yeah write we are asked to connect with our “rowmies.” Our rowmies are the four other bloggers who are linked in the same row of the grid. Let me illustrate:

Hangin' with my rowmies

Hangin’ with my rowmies

I thought I would use today’s post to introduce my followers to my rowmies. I’m just getting to know them myself, so I’ll have to let the links to their blogs do most of the talking. I hope you’ll click through, visit them and leave a comment to support them as they blog through NaBloPoMo.

Laura at Phrogmom’s Weblog

Laura is participating in NaBloPoMo with Rarasaur’s team: Nano Poblano (the tagline is “A little something spicy every day). Not only that, she donated a prize that was included in the Week 1ย  Yeah Write perk package drawing. It’s a sock puppet! How cool is that? And you know what’s even cooler? I won it!

Linda at LaLa Land

According to her About page, Linda just made the move from Blogger to WordPress in January. However, she started on Blogger back in 2005. When I see things like that, I remember that I’m still a newbie in the blogosphere.

Because I’m nosy, I plan on checking out her old blogs while exploring her new one, too.

Angela Deathย at Crow Arrow, Inc. and Death’s Opinions on Life

Angela has two blogs, and she has published a book. This woman likes to write. I’m sure she likes to be read, too. Stop by today!

Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie

Ginny (that’s a pseudonym) is the only blogger who I “knew” before this month since she has linked up with Yeah Write in the past. She was a BlogHer ’13 Voice of the Year. She is a breast cancer survivor, but as she says on her About page, “I am so much more than breast cancer.” Indeed, she is.

It’s Day 9!


16 thoughts on “Meet my rowmies

  1. What a neat roundup! It’s good to see the rowmies acknowledging each other and, of course, visiting and commenting. Thank you do much for your consistent support of yeah write.


  2. This is an amazing idea! So much comment/tweet/linky love!!! I saw in one of the tweets that you hope others will steal this idea and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do! Maybe not today, but this is certainly one of the ideas I’m stockpiling for the next week or so! It is great to bond with new people like this through Nablopomo, but especially through the Yeah Write group! Thank you for the intro!


    1. No problem. I hope others do borrow the idea if they need it. Thirty days of posts can be overwhelming. I prepped this over a couple of days in between writing other posts and then scheduled it for today since I wasn’t sure if I would have time to write.


  3. Hi, me again. Did anyone else’s row change this week? Not that I am complaining but I want to make sure I am on the right page LOL.


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