Be their guest: NaBloPoMo at yeah write

As part of NaBloPoMo 2013, yeah write invited bloggers to write guest posts for the site. You’ll find my post there today. Stop by to read my words of advice about keeping calm where technology is concerned: “Dial up the patience, dial back the anger.” Not only am I calling Day 3 done, it’s double done!

Fine. It’s Sunday, so I owe you a slide show. Here’s a completely unrelated series of pictures of Philip eating Jell-O. With his fingers. Hey, Jell-O eating takes patience, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


9 thoughts on “Be their guest: NaBloPoMo at yeah write

  1. Your son is adorable and who doesn’t love jello? Man, now I want some jello, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) for the jello, laziness wins out at this time of night when it comes to making the jello.


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