The unintentional prankster

On Monday evening as Philip and I walked Roscoe, my cousin, Steve, and his wife, Jeanette, were outside washing the windows of their house. We stopped to say hello, and Philip discovered that amazing device known as a doorbell. Philip loves experimenting with cause and effect: push the button, hear melodic chimes. Ding-dong!

Last night, I let Philip pick our walking route. He turned left onto Steve and Jeanette’s street. He was kicking and crushing the leaves along the curb as we made our way down the street. Suddenly, he darted ahead, straight up the walkway that leads to my cousin’s front door.

I knew where he was headed.

He rang their doorbell and then turned to leave.

I saw Steve look out his window, phone to his ear. I waved and smiled. Philip wanted to go ring the doorbell again, but I held him back. Steve opened his front door to smile at Philip through the screen door, but then turned back into his house to continue his phone conversation.

I wanted to stay and explain what happened once Steve was off the phone, but the longer we lingered, the more Philip wanted to ring the doorbell again.  I decided it was best to move along.

Philip was upset, crying and throwing up his hands in anger. Half a block later, he was once again contentedly kicking leaves along the sidewalk.

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