“I am full”

I worried that the post was too sweet. Sweet. That word appeared in seven comments on my post “Will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?” It wasn’t intended as a pejorative, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of the effect of over-indulging in too much candy: an upset tummy.

I had linked the post up with the Yeah Write Weekly Writing Challenge. Despite the fact that the guest editor for #YW128, Deb Quinn, had specifically advised “Don’t get caught up in how good everyone else is on the grid,” I was doubting that my story of being fed (and taught) by Philip had been worth sharing.

That week, William Dameron won both the Jury Prize and Crowd Favorite with his post “Comparing Yourself to Others: The Game Nobody Wins.” (The irony of the title of Bill’s story in relation to my thoughts isn’t lost on me.) Bill doesn’t know it, but he made me feel like a winner, too, with the comment he left on my post:


Food is a metaphor for love, of course and after reading this, I am full.

With those brief words, Bill not only demonstrated why he was a BlogHer Voice of the Year, he reminded me that a story can be sweet yet still nourishing. That’s why I selected his response as my September comment of the month to be included on my “Couldn’t have said it better” page.  I encourage you to stop by Bill’s blog, The Authentic Life, to read his great writing, congratulate him on his recent publication in Saranac Review, and leave a nice comment or two on his posts.


2 thoughts on ““I am full”

  1. I am honored. I remember every detail of that post. How you thought your son forgot about the yogurt you fed him, but what was really important was that he remembered the love that a spoonful of yogurt represented. It still moves me, always will. Thank you.


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