Hey now, I’m a rock star

Screw fear.

I’m tired of making excuses (“Oh, I can’t commit to that schedule.” “I have a niche blog, it would never work.” “I don’t really want new followers.”)

That is fear talking.

Blogger Idol is a writing competition in the style of “American Idol.” People audition, finalists are chosen, contestants complete weekly challenges, the judges speak, the world votes and, one by one, the field is narrowed until there is only one winner.

Will I be that winner?

The only way to find out is to audition. If selected, I will have to complete a different writing task each week by the deadline. I’ll have to read the judges’ feedback about my posts. I’ll have to accept criticism. I’ll have to remember that my self-worth does not depend on the number of votes-or lack thereof.

That’s why I auditioned for the 2013 Blogger Idol competition. If selected, I can grow as a writer (and win prizes!). If not, I can move on.

If writers are the new rock stars, I’m ready to rock!

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