Lucky number 700

When I hit publish on yesterday’s post announcing my blog’s upcoming anniversary, I was surprised to find out that I had published 699 posts.

That makes today’s post lucky number 700. I wish I had some amazing insights to share, but I obviously don’t since I’m phoning it in pulling materials from the archives. Still, I think this post from the first anniversary of my blog is a pretty good one to revisit in honor of the occasion.

Now that you are two
September 22, 2010

Since the original point of this blog was to document how quickly children change and grow, in honor of Philip’s second birthday, I have photos from the day he was born, his first birthday and today for comparison.

9.22.08 pxk at birth
Here he is being held by Grandma Monday, September 22, 2008.

9.22.09 pxk on 1st bday

Here he is playing in his room on his first birthday in 2009.

9.22.10 bday cookies

Finally, here he is today holding the bag of strawberry shortbread cookies that I bought him as his birthday treat. I’m letting him enjoy them even though he just had his bath. Of course, with all the dirt on his hands from playing outside, I thought it was best he was fully bathed. He is sitting in his high chair now munching on them while he watches Curious George.

I think it’s safe to say that Philip is as cute as ever. And still the number one fan of Curious George.


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