Sunday Slideshow: 5th Annual Home Depot Car Show

“I forgot the camera,” I said to Peter as he opened his car door. He dutifully went back into the house to get the camera. I appreciated his effort since I planned to craft my “Sunday Slideshow” post about the car show at Home Depot to which we were headed.

I enjoy car shows well enough, but the main attraction for us was the bonus kids’ workshop. When we had attended the regular workshop on the first Saturday of August, we had been told about this special event. Peter was interested because the workshop leader promised that, if the weather cooperated, there would be a race track for kids to test out the cars that would be that day’s project.

The weather was beautiful, so the workshop was held outside. I dutifully took pictures of starting the project. I looked forward to snapping photos of some of the cars, too.

I wish I could say I snapped a picture of Philip with blue paint on his ear. I wish you could see how happy Philip was using the race track. I wish I could show you the free ball he received as a gift courtesy of a local manufacturer. I wish I had snapped a photo of him doing the bucket “toss” and another one of him carrying around the iPad case he won as a prize from that game.

Most importantly, I wish that I had remembered that, even though I rarely have to charge the battery in my camera, that doesn’t mean I should never charge it. Otherwise, your camera screen goes blank and you can’t even power it down. And you can’t take all the pictures that you really want to.

Lesson learned.

Here are the photos that I did manage to take before my camera died. I thought all was lost, but after recharging the battery, I was able to download them.

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