The late, late, late, late show with Philip

A small finger gently prods my eyelid. Once the digit is removed, I open my eyes to look at the clock: 2:24 am.

He climbs up on the bed, pushing himself under the blanket with me. I reach around to hug him and feel the dampness on his pajamas.

There has been a leak.

A bit sad that I can’t linger with him in the oh-so-comfortable bed for a few moments more, yet realizing we will probably wake up Peter, I roll out of bed. Philip makes his way to the stairs while I go into his night-light lit room to find a change of clothes.

Once I put him in a dry diaper and dry pajamas, I follow Philip to the mattress in the corner of the living room. On nights like this, I’m grateful that the box springs wouldn’t fit up the staircase. He pulls me down so that he can press his warm hand against my cheek and then poke my eyelids some more. After this quick cuddle, he dashes to kitchen.

The room brightens as he opens the refrigerator door. Moments pass.   When he gets up in the middle of the night like this, Philip’s actions are much more deliberate. At midday, he flits like a hummingbird. But in the wee hours, maybe his eyes need to adjust to the sudden brightness cast from the refrigerator’s light bulb. Maybe he has spotted a toy he discarded on the kitchen floor the day before. Maybe there is no drink ready for him. I’ll know soon enough. If he keeps the door ajar, it means there is no milk waiting for him. It’s as if he leaves the fridge open so that it is easier for me to remedy that situation.

A soft “thunk” and the return to darkness in the kitchen tells me milk was available. I hear his bare feet pad across the laminate floor. He is now standing beside the mattress. He pulls me off it, guides me to the television and pushes my hand toward it.

It’s show time.

We start with Dumbo. “Pink Elephants on Parade” creeped me out as a child, but he giggles at the “Technicolor pachyderms.” This doesn’t provide the calming effect I was hoping for.


Next up is Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey. I find both the original feature-length film and this sequel not nearly as entertaining as the PBS series, but I can tolerate it. I also don’t have to keep pushing play after every two episodes. Philip likes the movie enough that he will lie down to watch it. And if he lies down, maybe he’ll fall back asleep . . .

Oh, I guess the movie is over. Philip hovers over me expectantly. Having given up on Facebook, Twitter and the like an hour ago, I fell asleep on the mattress.  Philip didn’t follow my cue, so to the Netflix queue I go to start A Turtle’s Tale.

The third movie was the charm. Or maybe being up for four hours was enough to wear Philip out. Either way, Philip is asleep on the couch. The movie is still playing when Peter nudges me awake. It’s time for me to get ready for work even though I’ve just fallen asleep again a half hour before. I eye Philip jealously as I trudge upstairs to shower.

Nights/early mornings like this are becoming rarer. For that, I am grateful. But when Philip does stay up late or get up early, he almost always asks to watch a movie. The three movies we watched early Wednesday morning are among the handful that Philip enjoys and that I can tolerate repeat viewings of.

How about you? What movies never get old for you no matter how many times you watch them? What film would you watch if you were up at 2:24 am?

The Day 25 task was to ask readers a question. I’m looking forward to your answers in the comments.

8 thoughts on “The late, late, late, late show with Philip

  1. I could watch You’ve Got Mail or The American President every single day for the rest of my life and never, ever get bored. But when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, an episode or two of the Gilmore Girls marathon I keep on my DVR usually does the trick. I can’t believe he made it through three movies without falling asleep. That’s quite a talent.


  2. As much as I wish I had kids, I am not sad that I do not have nights like that! Once in a while my dog wakes me up to let him out in the middle of the night, but he’s out and back in within a couple of minutes, and then it’s back to bed for both of us. Thank god he doesn’t seem interested in tv! 🙂


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