That’s what she said

Today over at the Yeah Write Summer Series #31dbbb, the Day 22 task is to pay special attention to a reader. In her post introducing the activity, Kianwi suggested several ways to make a reader feel special. As I read her list, I recognized several of these techniques from blogs I visit:

I’m opting to follow Kianwi’s first suggestion: Promote a comment to a post. I’ve created a “Couldn’t Have Said it Better” page on which I will select one blog comment each month to highlight. Today, I’m introducing the idea, but I haven’t decided whether I write an announcement post each month. We can all be surprised by my decision together.

After reading through all comments made in June, I decided that this reply left by Kirsten Oliphant, aka Kiki, made me smile the most. She was responding to my post “Three’s a Crowd” in which I told the not-so-sordid tale of sharing a hotel room with two other people while attending a music education conference:


June 27, 2013 at 1:27 am

And THAT’S when you need the flashlight app on your phone. Also? I flunked out of the recorder and had to be a dancing princess in a play because I was so bad that I couldn’t be in the 4th grade recorder chorus. And I gave myself a fabric burn on the back of my neck with the princess scarf prop. I was never meant to be a princess.

Ah, Kirsten, you may not have got to be a princess, but you were the queen of comments on my blog in June.

I invite all of my readers to visit Kirsten’s blog, I Still Hate Pickles. Leave her a comment on one of her posts and check out some pics of her cute new baby (why else would she have been commenting on my blog at 1:27 am?!) while you’re there.

For those of you that don’t like change, I apologize for springing my new blog appearance on you. I decided to try a new theme as part of the #31dbbb Day 17 task. After receiving some helpful feedback from Flood G, one of the Yeah Write editors, I took the plunge. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new theme. Is there something you miss from the old design? Was there something you always hated but were afraid to mention? Let me know in the comments. Who knows, your words of insight could be featured next month on “Couldn’t Have Said it Better.”

18 thoughts on “That’s what she said

  1. Well, shoot! How am I ever going to top this honor? It’s better than a Dundee! Now I will feel the pressure and hopefully rise to the occasion to leave only amazing comments. I think this will be part 1 of my Win the Internet plan. Thanks for this honor/kick in the butt. 🙂


    1. I think you both have great models for emerging bloggers on how to engage readers. Heck, your comment is a great example of what it means to support fellow bloggers and develop a community.


  2. I like the new look! I am overdue for a change. I think I need to consult Erica a bit, because I am also thinking of leaving Blogger and gong to WordPress. Gah! These things always make me nervous.

    Great job on this lesson. Honestly, before this lesson, it never occurred to me to promote comments that people made, even though I am sometimes absolutely delighted by them. There are just so many pieces to this blogging deal, isn’t there?


    1. Before this #31dbbb thing started, I wasn’t sure if any of the tasks would really be relevant to me. After all, I’m not trying to make money off this blog (YOU HEAR THAT YOU SPAMMERS!) or get famous.
      I’ve realized that these activities are really designed to make one’s blog a more welcoming place to those readers that do visit. Whether its 3 or 300, it’s worth the time to make them feel welcome and appreciated. I may not finish everything by the end of the month, but I’ll keep plugging away.

      I think a couple of other yeah writers have transitioned from Blogger to WordPress. If I ever remember who, I’ll let you know in case you do decide to take that plunge.


      1. My hubby made the transition from Blogger to WP last year with me, just to be supportive. He thought he’d keep both blogs running for awhile, but now he pretty much focuses on WP because this is where the community is at. WP is harder to learn (at first because everything is scattered everywhere), but does so much more, so much more easily, than Blogger in the long run. 🙂


  3. I think the new look is fabulous! 😀 I also think all these suggestions are great, and I’m honored to have been included. I also love the comment idea! I’m racking my brain for something constructively critical to say, but I got nothin’– you’re doing awesomely!


    1. Thank you. It was as if your post today had been timed just for this task.
      I’m looking forward to this comment recognition project. It was nice to go back through the comments. I think I must rush through them because I was surprised by some of them upon re-reading.


  4. I have so enjoyed your blog as you make your changes! I’ve been reading your posts and noticing your improvements. It has been engaging and positive. You motivate me!
    My only criticism is that you don’t say your name. Now then, I completely understand that you have probably chosen to do that for anonymity. And certainly, tons of other bloggers follow this same pattern. But I think in the long run, bloggers who don’t state their author name are doing themselves a disservice.
    Once I started announcing my name and owning my blog as my own, my creation, my responsibility, my content, it absolutely changed how I felt about it.
    Go YOU! You are doing fantastic!!!


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