Take this job and blog it

I have been both inspired and challenged by the Yeah Write Summer Series “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” There have been a few activities I’ve skipped for now (I’m still working up the courage to take a solo trip to the mall), but I’ve otherwise been working through each of the daily tasks in an effort to make this blog better. I developed an elevator pitch for the blog and updated the About page. I’ve been forced to think about what I want to accomplish here in my corner of the blogosphere.

And then I’ve proceeded to write several blog posts completely unrelated to my niche.

Last Monday night, I could not sleep until I wrote down a story. All the mind mapping for Day 7 must have rattled memories loose. I wrote, edited, rearranged, proofread, fixed things and wrote some more until I was satisfied.

And then I had to figure out what to do with the post.

Here is where I give a big “Thank you!” to Christie over at Outlaw Mama. Christie is a 2013 BlogHer Voice of the Year who I met through Yeah Write. She began a series called “Kiss My (Gl)ass Ceiling” for bloggers to share work stories. She published my tale of micromanaged misery today. Please stop by and read it here.


5 thoughts on “Take this job and blog it

  1. I loved your post over on Christie’s blog. I’ve been the worst follower of 31dbbb. I had such good intentions, but life got way busier than I anticipated. I’ll go back and catch up at some point, I hope 🙂


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