Coming soon to a blog near you

Yesterday’s assignment for the #31dbbb over at Yeah Write was to come up with ten post ideas. No problem. I’m used to making lists. I plot out the upcoming month, look to see what we’ll be doing and note what activities will likely result in a good story. I keep a calendar of upcoming posts (Woot! That’s the Day 8 assignment!), occasionally noting random ideas for future posts in a list at the bottom.

I like lists. I’m good at making to-do lists. Sure, I may not be good at completing the lists, but I rock at the making of them.

Yet, in her post introducing the Day Seven task, Rosanna R urged us to engage our brains differently to tap into our creativity. She suggested mind mapping and free-writing as techniques to generate thoughts and images without censorship, to find connections that one didn’t even know existed.

I decided to take my list of ideas and explore them further. I would write a word or phrase from my list in the center of the page and then start branching out. At first I kept with the obvious, but then I allowed myself to start jotting down the seemingly incongruous ideas that were sparked. Rather than staying on the unbending rails of a train of thought, I let my brain jump in a hot air balloon and take an uncharted trip wherever the winds guided it.

Some phrases did not have enough steam to get me inspired. I would write down one or two ideas and then come to a dead end. Others had me filling the page, writing as fast as I could, overlapping onto previous thoughts until the page looked like a spaghetti junction. I’m going to share those phrases here as my ten future post prompts. My brainstorming trips didn’t always end up in the destinations I would have expected, so you may not recognize the resulting posts in the future.

  1.  Philip’s iPad/AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
  2. High school reunion (my 20th is this weekend. Eek!)
  3. Slob
  4. Routines
  5. Summer reading program
  6. Tractor pulls
  7. Trading in our car
  8. Fear of flying insects
  9. Thar he blows!
  10. July edition of Minus 38 by my 38th

Thanks for joining me on today’s journey to a better blog. I hope it was just the ticket to get you thinking creatively, too.

12 thoughts on “Coming soon to a blog near you

    1. It’s my husband’s new obsession. I went to two pulls this week alone.
      That being said, there is so much more to than the pulls themselves: people-watching at the events, going with and without our son, traveling to new places, etc.


      1. i never schedule. i write what i feel at the moment. sometimes, i jot a thought down and return to it later, but more often those thoughts are forgotten because they didn’t ‘inspire’ me enough at the time to write them.


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