A blog walks into an elevator . . .

This month, I’m participating in the “31 days to build a better blog at yeah write weekly writing challenge.”  I’m sure you’ll appreciate it when I refer to it as #31dbbb from this point forward.

The Day One assignment is to write an elevator pitch for my blog. Here’s my draft:

vintage truck pull 016

“That sinking feeling”: you know the one I’m talking about, right?

It’s that feeling that makes you want to give up, to believe those negative voices in your head.  It’s the feeling that parents get when they are told that their child has autism.

“that cynking feeling”: where I tell stories to remind myself that the glass is half full.  It’s the place where I spread the word of autism acceptance. This is where I don’t give up, where I ignore those voices in my head.

“that cynking feeling”: showing my love for my autistic son, one post at a time.

Before composing this, I took some time to edit the “About” page of my blog. It had more than the 150-word limit imposed for this assignment, but it might give insight into the origins of this blog.

Even though I get a sinking feeling in my stomach writing this, I am seeking feedback on my pitch. I can’t build a better blog if I don’t ask for help. And then accept it.

45 thoughts on “A blog walks into an elevator . . .

  1. I really love it. So honest and relatable for parents of children who have special needs. Awesome pitch. As a fellow mama of a child who has some special needs… I’d be at that party asking you to jot down your website on a napkin. 😉


    1. After reading Michelle Longo’s post this morning and suggesting that she explain her blog title in her pitch, I was inspired to do that for myself. I’m glad your curiosity has now been satisfied.


  2. I really like this! I’m not sure why, but the one thing I’d change is the line “It’s the place where I post pictures of my son, share anecdotes from our life and spread the word of autism acceptance.” It’s very specific, but doesn’t have as much sort of voice as the other two around it, if that makes sense. Yes, it gives specific info, but I think we get enough of an idea of you from the other parts that I just realized liked the sentence before and after.


  3. Your pitch is perfect! I really wouldn’t change a word of it. It’s succinct, honest, and forthright. I read your new about page too and it is excellent. I read your about page two weeks ago and I had a good idea of your blog content then. Your new about page is even better.

    Oh my! I need to update mine! You’ve motivated me!!

    Great job all around.


  4. I love your pitch, the opening is so strong! I agree with one of the earlier comments about possibility removing the line about pictures of your son. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t speak to “why would I read this blog.” Where your statements about hope and acceptance DO fully explain why I should be reading this blog. Great work!


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