Five things Friday: I hate summer colds

  1. When I realized on Sunday that Philip had caught a summer cold, I gave him a warm bath. This usually helps clear the congestion in his head and makes it easier for him to breathe.  To make the bathroom extra steamy, I closed the window and door and filled the tub using the shower. The hot moist air feels good in the winter but not so much when the weather is eighty degrees and eighty percent humidity.
  2. Since Philip was coughing, not sleeping well, grumpy and just generally feeling miserable, he had to miss stuff this week. He missed both days of his Sensory Needs class. He will only have occupational therapy for eight weeks this summer, and he missed a full week. Plus, we’ve paid for the therapy and there are no refunds for missed sessions. Philip also missed his days with Grandma: play time at the local community center on Tuesday and family story time at the library on Friday.
  3. Philip woke up coughing just after 3:00 am on Wednesday.  Peter told me it was time to take him to the doctor. Visits to the pediatrician are stressful. Philip, already feeling yucky, became anxious as soon as we walked in the door. I was already exhausted from being up with him, plus I hate seeing Philip suffer. By the time we got called back by the nurse, we were both crying.
  4. The pediatrician prescribed cough syrup with codeine for use at night. It was only available in liquid form. We haven’t had much luck taking medicines orally. Previous attempts to medicate Philip involved battles of will that resulted in tears for both mother and son. And sometimes vomit. The medicine definitely isn’t effective when the poor kiddo throws it up. When Philip had his most recent sinus infection, we discovered that crushing the pill form and mixing it in grape juice was the way to get him to take the medicine. So, you can understand why I was worried about the cough medicine. The first night went as well as I could hope: wrestling that led to only half a dose consumed, but no vomit. When I gave Philip his dose on Thursday evening, however, he shocked me by opening his mouth willingly and swallowing the half a teaspoon without a fight. I was so surprised that I exclaimed, “Holy sh**!” Oops.
  5. Philip had a fever at the beginning of the week. It was also very hot, so I was worried when we noticed that Philip wasn’t drinking as many fluids as he usually does. His appetite also shrunk. That’s why when he asked for it, I was more than happy to serve Philip popcorn for supper tonight. Like Peter said, “I don’t care what he eats, as long as he’s eating.”

summer cold 007

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