If I had a hammer

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After hearing about how much he enjoyed the field trip to Home Depot this spring, we decided that it was time to take Philip to one of their Saturday morning kids workshop. I’m glad that Peter went along to help lend an extra hand so that I could take pictures.

Philip enjoyed painting the blocks of wood. He didn’t like when he got the paint on the table or his fingers or even Mommy’s hand when she held the blocks. He wanted to wipe up the paint right away. Nice to know he appreciates neatness. Sometimes.

The biggest challenge was the hammering. Philip gave a valiant effort of hammering himself, and I was impressed that Peter was brave enough to put his hand within range to steady the blocks. However, noise from multiple kids pounding nails all at the same time in the small space almost was too much for Philip. He was grumpy for a while after we left. I think this was a delayed reaction to the loud noise.

Enjoy the slide show of Philip assembling a lawn mower pencil holder. We took it to Grandpa’s house as an early Father’s Day gift.

3 thoughts on “If I had a hammer

  1. That sounds like fun! He looks cute in his HD apron. What a great idea and that’s my boy’s favourite place to shop at too….ranks right up there with his favourite toy store.


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