Hobo Day

Yesterday morning, Peter, Philip and I visited the “Hobo Day Peddlers Market.” The event is held twice a year, on the Saturdays before Memorial Day and Labor Day, at the Toledo and Ohio Central Train Station in Bucyrus.

The old station is being restored by the local preservation society. It will eventually become a transportation and industry museum.  When we entered, “Auntie Darla” was reading a book about trains to a handful of children. Philip ignored the story and pulled us into this room.

1 inside the station
Curious as ever, he led me over to the staircase. About halfway up, he realized just how steep and narrow the stairs were. With some encouragement from both Peter and me, we made it into the upper level.

2 scary stairs
The upstairs was full of supplies and power tools, so we didn’t linger. There were just too many things to tempt Philip. Slowly and carefully, we made our way back down the stairs. I loved how Philip jumped from the last step as if the whole thing had been a piece of cake.

3 crossing the tracks

Next, we headed outside to where the rows of tents where people were selling anything from handcrafted items to old board games. The Hobo Band was performing at the other end of the station. Philip wasn’t interested in any of this. He pulled us past all of the food trucks and led us by the hand straight to a vintage ladder truck.

3 ladder truck

The fire truck itself wasn’t what grabbed Philip’s attention. Instead, he was drawn to the sight of the huge American flag attached to the extended ladder.

4 flag

Philip watching the flag for quite some time. Then, after a quick peek into the Plymouth Street Station, home of the preservation society’s gift shop, we departed.

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