Zero to one thousand: that cynking feeling celebrates 1000 ausome things #AutismPositivity2013

Today is the last day of April. It is final day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The 30th marks the end of Autism Acceptance Month. It seems like today is all about conclusions.

However, today also marks the start of something: the 2013 Autism Positivity Flash Blog. This is the second year for the flash blog (click here to read about how the project got started). I participated last April, too. This year’s theme is “1000 Ausome Things.”

Since my brain is on the alphabet, I immediately thought of zero. The community that is coming together for this event is starting from nothing; in fact, one could say we are starting in the negatives. To counteract the stigma, the fear and the outright hate of autism, bloggers are joining together to share stories of hope and acceptance.  Participants will join the flash blog in the way that suits them best: positive blog posts, images, tweets and Facebook messages. I can’t wait to see them all.

I said I was going to participate, but I couldn’t think of how. Make a list of 1,000 things by myself? The thought was overwhelming only hours before the flash blog was to begin. How could I finish it in time, especially now that it is the end of the month and the end of the challenge?

You know that old saying “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”? Sure, I may be starting from zero today, but just because I hit publish doesn’t mean I can’t come back to this theme. What if, for however many days it takes me, I searched for ausome things and put them on a list? Maybe in a month or two or three I’ll write a new story about how ausome my son is. I could assemble links to such posts and those written by others, to articles, to videos, to photos and images and to quotes that will inspire me to be a better advocate for my son.

And maybe, just maybe, someone else will stumble across my blog and read the list as it develops. And maybe that person will have hope where there once was despair. Or that person will learn acceptance where there once was only awareness.

So, today, I published a new page. It’s called “1000 Ausome Things.” This page will serve as the home of my collection of ausomeness. Today, I start with zero. I’m sure as I read contributions to the flash blog, it will quickly fill up. I hope I don’t have to do this alone; I welcome your suggestions. You can list them in the comments here or on the page.

Z is for zero.
I’ve been writing about autism acceptance during the month of April as part of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.

7 thoughts on “Zero to one thousand: that cynking feeling celebrates 1000 ausome things #AutismPositivity2013

  1. I never realized there was hatred towards autism. But I suppose people could find anything to hate if they really wanted, even a chocolate sundae.

    Yay for finishing a-z and good luck with your new challenge.


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