Three letters, just a small word, but full of potential.

My autistic son isn’t talking-yet.

My son hasn’t been toilet trained-yet.

I could keep listing things the skills that my son has not acquired, the things that he cannot do. I could, but spending time comparing my son to typically developing children as if that is the measure of success makes me depressed, angry and frustrated.

I don’t like feeling that way. And it probably wouldn’t make Philip feel all that great, either. So, when I notice things that he can’t do, I’ll remind myself that to add that simple word-yet.

Y is for yet.
I’m blogging on the theme of autism acceptance during the month of April as part of the Blogging from to A to Z Challenge.

I’m also linking up with the Yeah Write #107 Moonshine Grid. I know you haven’t visited it – yet. Stop by for some great weekend reading.

13 thoughts on “Yet

  1. YET is an incredibly powerful, hopeful, and WONDERFUL word. It’s near and dear to a subject regarding my daughter’s autism that has been on my mind a lot the past few months. That of “delay”. 🙂 It doesn’t mean never, it might mean later. Later is beautiful, because it’s that knowledge that your child has legs, and might walk. That the fingers might grasp better tomorrow. That a few years down the road, there might be more language and interaction. It just takes precious time… Time I think we need as parents to continue adjusting to these challenges, and finding out what is really truly important in raising a child. ❤


  2. I can only imagine the frustration that brings. I have a problem with comparing myself (*cue violins* and my lot in life) to others. My therapist told me that I should just compare myself with myself. For example, my anxiety kept me from driving since October, but this past week I drove myself around twice. Often we forget to give ourselves and our loved ones credit for the things we can do/are doing.


      1. Thank you. And I will gladly celebrate Philip’s successes with you. I still remember that he did well at the workshop at Home Depot. 🙂


  3. Paul and I play a game, when he is driving I will cringe when he gets too close to a car or switches lanes too quickly. He always says “Have I ever crunched you?” and I always say “Not yet”. It is a loving way of jabbing at each other, but I love the way you use the word. It is hope. I intend to steal your positive use of the word!


  4. I love this application of the word yet and I tack it onto sentences I speak about my own challenging situations. It’s such an easy way to change the tone of the dialogue from negative to positive.


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