Just keep stimming

As listed on the “About Autism” page of the Autism Self Advocacy Network, one of the characteristics of autism is:

Atypical, sometimes repetitive, movement. This includes “stereotyped” and “self-stimulatory” behavior . . .

This symptom manifests itself in Philip in the form of rocking, spinning and touching his ears. Such movements/behaviors are often referred to as stimming. Rather than trying to use words to describe stimming, I want to share a video by an autistic woman who filmed herself stimming in public.

To read about her experience of filming and creating the video, read her blog post.

Rather than demanding “quiet hands,” let’s all encourage autistics to just keep stimming.

S is for stimming
I’m blogging on the theme of autism acceptance as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

One thought on “Just keep stimming

  1. thank you for sharing this, it was very evocative. I think it is something adults do to all children, not just autistic ones, always trying to get them to calm down and move less. The other post you linked to about Quiet hands was very sad. I feel like I have learned something.


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