Justice for all-including autistics

While looking for something to write about related to autism acceptance using the letter J as a prompt, I decided to Google “justice for autism.” Last April, I probably would have linked to the first article or site that I found.

Using my new perspective of “acceptance, not just awareness,” this year I took time to look at the sites and try to figure out who was behind the article or web page. That’s how I discovered “AUTCOM: The Autism National Committee.” Ironically, they have the following note on their “About” page:

 When using any source of information about autism, it is vital to enquire what that source considers autism to be. Many ideas about autism are outdated and have been disproven. Many sources demonstrate a condescending attitude that rules out any possibility of learning from and with the real experts: people who have autism.

That sounds like great advice. I’m an expert on my son. I have an easy time writing stories about our life. Today, however, I want to refer my readers to AUTCOM. Go visit the site of  the “only autism advocacy organization dedicated to ‘Social Justice for All Citizens with Autism.’”

J is for justice.
I’m blogging on the theme of autism acceptance as part of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

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