Even if


Even if I’m in a hurry to leave, I will give you time to process my announcement of “Let’s go!”

Even if I don’t think it matters how the toys are put away, I will let you arrange them just so.

Even if we have watched Dumbo a hundred times, I will push play for the one hundred and first time because you find comfort in the familiar.

Even if you don’t speak, I will know you have thoughts that you will find a way to communicate, and I will listen to you.

Even if you don’t look me in the eye, I will assume you are paying attention. Until you are a teenager. Then I will assume you are ignoring me in that way that all teenagers tune out their parents.

Even if you flap your hands, tap your fingers or rock your body, I will let you move and not ask you to look like everyone else.

Even if you are behind your peers in some skills, I will presume competence in others.

Even if you struggle, I won’t call you tragic.

Even if others underestimate you, I will help you prove them wrong.

E is for even if.
I’m blogging on the theme of autism acceptance as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I’m loving the opportunity to link to adult autistics who blog. I hope you click through to hear about autism from the real experts.

9 thoughts on “Even if

  1. The tough line it seems from parents I’ve talked to who deal with this day and day out…is you still have to get them to behave, they still have to have consequences for inappropriate behavior and that’s difficult on the parents. Anythings goes doesn’t help the child, even if they have issues such as autism. The more we’re able to help them as a child; the better chance they have to make it as teens and adults. I do wish medical science could really figure it out, it affects far too many and it doesn’t seem anyone truly knows why, though many speculate. A-Z


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