Chew on this

When Philip was sick in January, my attempts at administering a liquid antibiotic failed. After tearful wrestling, some of the medicine ended up in his mouth, but Philip would spit out most of it. The last time I tried forcing it in his mouth using the syringe, Philip vomited. Overall, the efforts only produced tears and stress for both of us.

Despite the struggles, the doctor was reluctant to switch medications, so the nurse suggested I mix the liquid antibiotic in chocolate milk. I tried even though Philip has only drank chocolate milk a handful of times in his life. He took one look at the brown beverage and wanted nothing to do with it. Philip missed the last two days of his prescription because I just couldn’t find a way to get the medicine inside him.

When I had to take him back to the doctor last week, I told the pediatrician on duty about the challenges with liquid medicine. He agreed that we should try a chewable tablet. He gave the suggestions of crushing and mixing it with peanut butter, yogurt or applesauce. Again, Philip rarely eats these foods. Introducing them while he is sick only sparks suspicion.

Instead, I told him that I got an idea from another mom’s blog. She said that she gives her child a piece of candy, the medicine and then another piece of candy. The sugar helps reduce the unpleasant taste of the medicine. The doctor told me to go for it.

Once the prescription was filled, I grabbed the first dose and a pack of Smarties. I started with a Smartie. Philip ate it. I then gave him half of the antibiotic tablet. He took it in his hand. He looked at it.

He handed it back to me.

And then he ate another piece of candy.

Peter suggested that I needed to tell Philip it was a vitamin. I gave Philip his vitamin C saying, “Eat your vitamin.” He chewed this. Then I held out the antibiotic tablet and said, “Eat your vitamin.”

He pushed my hand away. He was not fooled.

The next day, I saw an article linked on Twitter. It was a mother’s tutorial on how she crushes her son’s medicine and puts it into liquids. I took this as a sign that I should try it. The author responded to my Tweeted comment saying that her son tolerates the antibiotics because he is motivated by the chance to drink pop.

Again, since Philip doesn’t drink soda, I decided to stick with his favorite beverage: milk. I was hoping that the crushed solid wouldn’t be as obvious as the liquid form of medication.

My wish partly came true. Philip drank some of the milk, but not all.

I had one last trick to try. The pediatrician who saw Philip last week suggested that grape juice has a much stronger flavor compared to milk for masking the medicine. I bought some this morning at the grocery store-both the purple kind and white.

When I got home, I crushed up this morning’s dose and mixed it in the regular grape juice.

Philip drank it!

That’s one full dose down. Let’s see if we can finish off the rest of the prescription. And finish off this damn sinus infection, too.

Yup, he'll put that in his mouth, but not medicine. Don't worry-it was an unused spare that we brought home on Thursday. He thinks it is the best toy EVER!

Yup, he’ll put that in his mouth, but not medicine. Don’t worry-it was an unused spare that we brought home on Thursday. He thinks it is the best toy EVER!

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