One Cool Friend

The latest book from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library arrived in the mail today. Philip is now the proud owner of One Cool Friend, written by Toni Buzzeo with pictures by David Small.

Elliot, a very proper boy, isn’t much interested in the crowds of people, especially other children, when is father takes him to the aquarium on Family Fun Day. While exploring on his own, Elliot discover the perfect pet. When Elliot politely asks his father, “May I please have a penguin?”some assumptions are made. The twist ending reveals that the reader has been the one who has made assumptions about Elliot’s new companion, Magellan. And Captain Cook.

I read the book tonight to keep Philip entertained as he sat on the potty. I thought it was best not to photograph toilet training in progress, so here is a picture of Philip sitting on the couch instead.

one cool friend 004

Holding “One Cool Friend.” What would be your perfect pet?

Thanks again to the United Way of Ashland County for bringing this program to our community.

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