Thirteen Things Thursday: Sick Day Edition

  1. When I got home from work yesterday, I followed the nurse’s suggestion of mixing Philip’s antibiotic in chocolate milk. Philip took one look at the milk, saw that it didn’t look like milk and refused to even try it. Yup, I have the kid that doesn’t like chocolate milk.
  2. Later in the evening, Philip was putting his foot up on the little table that he decorated. I think he was trying to play his own version of hopscotch. Unfortunately, he knocked the table over, causing the lamp to crash into the floor and the lightbulb to shatter. We returned the table to the laundry room and will learn to live without that lamp.
  3. One of Philip’s sensory seeking behaviors is pressing his face against mine. For the past week, he has felt free to cough right in my face. Yeah, we haven’t figured out how to teach him to cover his mouth yet.
  4. Thanks to the coughing in the face and other moments of coziness with Philip’s germs, I got sick. I lost my voice last night and called off from work today.
  5. Despite being sick, Philip has actually been falling into a great bedtime routine. It used to be he would only fall asleep on the couch with the television on. I would then have to carry him upstairs to his bed and hope that he didn’t wake up. For the past month, however, I have been able to put him in his room and he will fall asleep in his bed. As a bonus, I have also been able to gradually put him to bed earlier. By last night, I had him in bed at 9:30 pm. This was just what I needed since I felt so crappy.
  6. Every weekday morning, the dog sticks to me like glue. He waits beside my bed until I go downstairs to feed and walk him. Then he bounds upstairs after me, laying in the hallway while I shower. When I go into my room to dress for work, he contentedly curls back up to go to sleep. He always looks so disappointed when he realizes I’m not going back to bed, too. With a little less enthusiasm, he follows me back downstairs before I leave. This morning, since I wasn’t going to work, he was thrilled. He jumped up on the bed and slept with me for two hours.
  7. We were going to keep Philip home from preschool again today. Thanks to the cold temperatures and a dusting of snow overnight, there were no morning classes.
  8. I’m realizing that having a cold is wreaking havoc with my inner ear and Meniere’s disease. I’ve been fighting dizziness and nausea throughout the day. In retrospect, I wonder if I’ve had this problem for a while since I’ve experienced these same symptoms every time I’ve had a cold over the past few years.
  9. My parents just purchased a new mattress. They offered the old queen-sized mattress to us. Since we currently sleep on a full-sized bed, we took them up on the offer.
  10. The local furniture company where my parents purchased the mattress removes the old bed when they deliver the new one. They were kind enough to deliver it to our house this afternoon. Since Philip was napping on our bed upstairs, we asked them just to set it at the bottom of the stairs.
  11. Later, Peter and I moved the full-sized bed out of our bedroom, reset the frame and prepared to take the queen-sized box springs upstairs. That’s when we discovered it absolutely would not fit on the stairwell, no matter how we turned it.
  12. At a loss as to what to do with the bed, Peter said, “Well, we can’t leave it here-Philip will mess with it.” That remark inspired me. I realized it would make a great crash pad for Philip, so we set it up in the corner of the living room.
  13. As I sit here coughing and typing, I don’t anticipate going to work tomorrow. Fridays are Grandma’s day with Philip, so I should get some uninterrupted nap time while he is gone. Sure, I’ll miss him. Except for the coughing in my face.
Philip tries out the new used mattress while Roscoe supervises. We're convinced that Roscoe will soon be sleeping here at night.

Philip tries out the new used mattress while Roscoe supervises. We’re convinced that Roscoe will soon be sleeping here at night.

4 thoughts on “Thirteen Things Thursday: Sick Day Edition

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Tate doesn’t like milk at all…not plain, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry…nada. It’s frustrating.

    Love the idea of the mattresses…what great sensory activity!


  2. I hope you and Phillip are feeling better soon. Yeah for the sleeping/bedtime routine fringe benefit change. I was going to post on your previous post asking about how the chocolate milk went and I got my answer here. Same thing happened when I had to give my guy antibiotics. it was this yuck pink stuff that I couldn’t even fake to like but I had to get it into him. I was about as successful as you describe. Good luck and hope you are well soon. PS I like that you seemed to have retained your great sense of humour through this….lol.


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