Sunday morning hike

We are experiencing incredibly mild temperatures this weekend. Despite some rain, it has been a great opportunity to get Philip outdoors. I know that the temperatures won’t stay like this for long, so I wanted to take full advantage of the chance for Philip to get fresh air and exercise.

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That’s how we ended up hiking the trail at a local county park. It was my first visit to the trail located in the woods just past Philip’s preschool. Both Philip and I were mud-splattered by the end of our jaunt. I took this as a sign that we both had a good time.


Pulling this post from the archives for the yeah write #143 weekend moonshine grid.

17 thoughts on “Sunday morning hike

    1. Hahaha!
      Saturday was amazing. I kept thinking it would rain, but we were so lucky it held out until evening. I got to take Philip to the park in the morning and on a nice walk with the dog after supper.


  1. Odd, we both posted about hiking trails for the Moonshine grid! Adorable photos. And yay for mild temps and the outdoors for the kids’ sake and the parents’ sanity. πŸ˜‰ Happy weekend!


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