Snow much fun!

Poor Philip didn’t really get to enjoy our white Christmas, at least not the actual snow that we’ve had since the holiday.  He and I both had the sniffles. I didn’t want his cold to get any worse, so I kept him inside for most of his winter break. I had to outweigh the benefits of time outdoors with the possible consequence of Philip getting sicker. We did have our adventure at Niagara Falls State Park, but I wish he could have played in the snow more.

Knock on wood, Philip appears to be in good health.

So, you can imagine my delight when I got the email from Philip’s teacher on Sunday evening announcing that the class would be sledding on Tuesday morning. My parents happened to be over for supper at the time, so Grandma decided to be brave enough to join them.

I dutifully packed Philip’s snow pants, boots, hat and mittens the night before. Peter took Philip’s toboggan to the school, too. Grandma was on hand to document the fun.

Headed downhill with his teacher

Headed downhill with his teacher

The weather was perfect for sledding: mid-thirties and sunny. The class first had to walk a bit to get the hill they used. Philip, released from Grandma’s hand, did make a mad dash down the hill. And he lost a boot in the process. Despite this, he had a good time and was probably too busy to get into much mischief.  Grandma reported that they went downhill about five or six times. Not surprisingly, he also entertained himself by crashing into the snow and throwing clumps of the white stuff (narrowly missing the aide. Sorry, Mrs. W!).

Last night, I emailed Philip’s teacher, Mrs. P. I thanked her for providing a great sensory experience for all the students.

I read her reply before I went to bed last night:

It was a lot of fun!  I so enjoyed hearing him laugh on the way down the hill!

As I laid down to go to sleep, I could only smile as I imagined Philip laughing.

This morning it rained, and the forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 50s by the weekend. I guess we won’t be doing any sledding this weekend, but now I can look forward to more snow.

I highly recommend that you check out this post over at the SPD Blogger Network.  Mom2LittleMiss who blogs at Beyond the Dryer Vent shares some great ideas for snow-based sensory activities.

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