The Snowy Day

Even though it’s the second week of December, we haven’t had many snowy days. But with winter’s arrival this month, I’m sure we’ll see a few snow flakes before year’s end.

In the mean time, I can read Philip a story about the white stuff. The Snowy Day arrived in the mail today. Ezra Jack Keats’ 1963 Caldecott Medal winner is the latest book provided by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Peter first showed Philip the book when he awoke from his nap. I had just gotten home from work.

Yup. That's a barely awake Philip laying down in the kitchen to look at his new book while I was making supper.

Yup. That’s Philip laying down in the kitchen to look at his new book while I was making supper.

I read the book to Philip later while he ate his bedtime snack.

the snowy day at table

Checking out the book on his own before I read it to him

I mentioned before how I’ve taught Philip to respond to the phrase “Turn the page.” Tonight, I realized that I have probably been rushing Philip, giving the command as soon as I’ve read the words. I’ve been worried that he would get bored and lose interest before I could finish reading the book. As I noticed Philip studying the details of the illustrations, I figured out that I need to give Philip time to look at the pictures. I began to wait until Philip appeared to have finished scanning before asking him to turn the page. Also, Philip accidentally skipped a few pages, but the fine motor skill required for page-turning will never improve if I don’t let him practice. This was another important lesson for mommy.

Thanks again to the United Way of Ashland County for bringing this program to our community.

2 thoughts on “The Snowy Day

  1. We are huge fans of THE SNOWY DAY. It is in Tate’s regular rotation. He loves how the boy smacks the tree with a stick and the snow falls down..I’ve used it to explain some cause and effect to Tate, too.

    Hope you and Philip enjoy this one.. It is a treasure!!


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