The Swap

At the beginning of November, we got a note from the Parent Teacher Organization at Philip’s preschool. They announced a clothing and toy swap. The PTO encouraged families to send in apparel that they had outgrown. They began collecting these items the week after Thanksgiving. PTO volunteers would sort the items and then families would have the opportunity to go to the school this morning and find things they could use.

I was excited to see this note. Philip went from wearing 2T clothes for quite a long time, then he suddenly but briefly needed 3Ts. This happened over the summer, so his clothing needs changed by season as well. I had stocked up on the size threes not knowing he would already need 4T clothes by fall.

I delivered a bag of the outgrown 3Ts the day that I went to the preschool with Philip. Then I marked my calendar to go to the swap this morning to see what I could find.

The clothes were sorted by gender and age. I went to the boys’ table and began my search. The clothes were arranged by style (t-shirts and shorts versus long-sleeved shirts and pants) rather than size, so it took some hunting. Still, I filled the reusable bag. I wasn’t able to find any pants, but I did come away with several shirts, a sweater and some sleepers. I’ve really been in a pinch for the latter. Philip refuses to sleep with a blanket, so I worry that he is warm enough at night. Donning him in slighty-short pants doesn’t help.

Philip in his new-to-him jammies

Philip in his new-to-him jammies

Once I filled my bag, I had every intention of leaving, but I stopped at the toy table out of curiosity. Philip has plenty of toys, so I didn’t plan on picking up anything. But than I spotted a nice wooden puzzle that I couldn’t resist.

It’s a good thing I got that puzzle. Philip really likes it. He played with it as soon as we showed it to him.

Checking out the puzzle

Checking out the puzzle

When I told him to sit down for lunch, I thought he was ignoring me when he went into the living room. Soon, he was heading to the dining room table with his new puzzle. He eyed it while munching on his lunch.

Eating with the puzzle

Eating with the puzzle

He’s played with it throughout the day, too. I guess it was a good choice.

Studying the bus, train, plane, truck and boat on the puzzle

Studying the bus, train, plane, truck and boat on the puzzle

Thanks to the PTO for organizing this swap. I know it must have taken both time and effort to sort and arrange all of the clothes and toys. I hope there’s a family out there that is getting some use of out Philip’s old clothes, too.

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