Thirteen Things Thursday: Blogging Inertia

At the conclusion of National Blog Posting Month, I discovered that the law of inertia is not just for matter.  When I was posting every day for NaBloPoMo, my blogging velocity was constant.  Even the post that I published on December 1 had actually been written in the final hours of November and then scheduled for the following day.

In all, I had published blog posts for thirty-two days straight. Over the course of the month, I picked up some new followers (welcome and thank you!) and my stats were staying up every day. It was all very gratifying and motivating.

However, I felt like I needed a break. Plus, I worried that my followers might need a break, too. So, even though I had a couple of ideas for posts, I didn’t write the next day or the day after. On Tuesday, I started a few drafts, but I just couldn’t get in the right frame of mind to flesh out the stories for publication.

Just as Newton observed that matter wants to preserve its present state, I realized that, once I stopped posting every day, I felt no urge to restart. That’s why, simply to break free of the inertia, I posted a photo for Wordless Wednesday.

I’m still experiencing some friction, so I’m not promising a carefully crafted story today. Instead, in honor of “Thirteen Things Thursday,” here is a list of things that I couldn’t be bothered to blog about this week, but that I might write about in the future.

  1. When I took Philip to the park on Saturday morning, we saw the gate to the Tot Lot chained shut and this handwritten note taped to the sign:001
  2. Since the Tot Lot was unavailable, I took my chances with letting Philip play on the equipment for older children in a section that is not fenced in. He had a blast on the slide. 010
  3. On Saturday evening, Philip and I went to our community’s Holiday Parade. It was crowded, but some nice people made room for Philip’s stroller at the curb.
  4. Until my mom called in the morning to wish us a happy anniversary, I almost forgot that December 1 was our sixth wedding anniversary. It’s okay, Peter didn’t remember either.
  5. Peter and I celebrated our anniversary on Sunday when the babysitters (Grandpa & Grandma) were available.
  6. When we dropped Philip off before our date, Peter helped my dad clear their dining room in preparation for carpet removal and installation. Philip, intrigued with the now empty space, kept jumping in the middle of the room on the spot usually occupied by the large oak table. He was fascinated by the booming sound.
  7. Philip loves all of the holiday decorations in our neighborhood, especially the Christmas lights.
  8. On Monday’s report from preschool, the teacher said that Philip had taken seven sips from a juice box. This is impressive because, the first time his teacher offered him a box last month, she almost ended up wearing the juice.
  9. On Tuesday, a worksheet sent home from preschool made me smile. Instead of “P h i p” or “P h i i p,” my little guy had written his full name! That’s one reason I posted the photo yesterday of “P h i l i p” written as clear as day on his easel.
  10. In keeping with the season, when Philip asks me to draw for him, I’ve been making Christmas trees and snowmen. Philip has incorporated these new images into his drawing repertoire. In fact, he makes better trees that I do.
  11. I’m teaching Philip to feed the dog. feed dog 002
  12. Our local grocery store offers a free bakery item to children. I started taking advantage of this program a few weeks ago when an employee asked Philip if he wanted a donut. He didn’t answer, but I took her up on the offer. I stop by on each visit so that Philip has a chance to interact with others. He’s usually distracted by admiring his reflection in the glass case, but we’ll keep practicing. I make sure that he is in charge of carrying his bag to the car. 11.28.12 donut
  13. Speaking of “Reflections” that was the theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I thought for sure that I would post some pictures since Philip has a knack for finding his reflection on the most unlikely surfaces. In addition to the more obvious mirrors and windows, he likes to make faces at himself using the refrigerator, stove, television, door knobs, utensils, the latch on my purse and any other shiny surface.

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