dog holding a shopping cart

Before I made my blog public, I had no idea what I was missing. I had zero views. No one I knew in the US was clicking on my blog let alone strangers in Bulgaria and Belgium, Ireland and India, New Zealand and Norway or Malta and Malaysia. I didn’t get alerts about likes, comments or new followers. I was blogging just for me.

Now that my blog is public, I get to check out how many visitors I get from around the world. I get the warm fuzzy feeling of a like on a post. I smile or tear up when reading a comment.

As great as all of this feedback is, my number one favorite part of having a public blog is reviewing the search engine terms.

I want to thank whoever typed in “dog holding a shopping cart” and clicked through to my blog. You made me literally laugh out loud. I’m sorry I don’t have any posts that fit your search. I know I have some posts that mention my dog and others that include shopping carts, but the two have never be included in the same post until now. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo which is what I imagine you were searching for.


And thanks for the laugh.

That is not a dog holding a shopping cart

I could totally hold a cart if these humans would let me

Trying something new today by linking up with a pet blog hop.

Snoopy's Dog Blog

2 thoughts on “dog holding a shopping cart

  1. I saw an unusual increase in my blog page views a week or so ago. Checking the search terms, I eventually figured out that my subtitle had two meanings. One of which was a very strange pornographic activity, which was definitely not my intended meaning!
    While I like to see my page views go up, those are now viewers I’m trying to get for my blog, so I changed that subtitle as fast as I possible could!


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