Thankful for Thanksgiving

Late last month when we began making plans for Thanksgiving, Peter asked me, “Well, what did we do last year?”

I was stumped. I couldn’t remember what we ate or when. It was the first Thanksgiving since moving back to my hometown, so I assumed we went to my parents’. But, try as I might, I couldn’t dredge up any details.

Suddenly, a memory of the day came back. I was walking the dog in the late afternoon. As we were passing the home of my aunt who lives one block over, she opened her door and invited us in.

“How’s Philip?” she asked once I was inside.

The memory of that question explained everything.

Last year, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Philip, after spending three years almost exclusively at home, had started preschool a few weeks before. By the time Thanksgiving arrived, he had not only caught his first cold, it had become a sinus infection. I had to take him to the doctor the day after Thanksgiving for antibiotics.

I wish I could report that Philip is healthy this year, but he has had the sniffles for a week now. However, he was feeling well enough for us to go to my parents’ for Thanksgiving. He had fun watching parts of the Macy’s parade. He ate a couple of bites before leaving the table to play with his blocks. Still, he was  in good spirits and full of energy all day despite his cold.

Daddy joined in the fun after lunch and helped Philip make a huge tower using every single block.

I’m thankful that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family this year. I’m thankful that Grandma worked her magic and got Philip to take a nap. Not only that, Peter and I left Philip in her capable hands and went home so that we could nap, too.

Cuddling with Grandpa after his nap

While I wish that Philip was feeling better, I still have a lot to be grateful for today: good food, pleasant weather, a chance to relax and time to spend with family. I hope that everyone found something to be thankful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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