‘Round midnight

I’m thankful that it is not yet midnight.
It’s Day 20 of National Blog Posting Month. I signed up to participate in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo along with sixty others at Yeah Write. I’ve enjoyed checking out blogs that I probably never would have visited otherwise. However, as the hours tick away today, I don’t think I’m going to be reading the contributions of my fellow bloggers.

Not everyone on the grid has been able to or chosen to blog every day. That’s okay. However, now that we are two-thirds of the way through the month, I don’t want to ruin my own streak.

So, here I am, thankful that it’s not yet midnight. Philip has finally vacated my desk chair. His latest obsession is spinning himself in the chair. He likes to pull me out of my seat so he can spin a few times. That cuts into my blogging time.


But spinning can be too much of a good thing for Philip. Not only that, it was time that he was settling down for bed.

The same came be said for me. It’s time that I vacate the chair too, having fulfilled my goals of posting for the day and writing about gratitude.

2 thoughts on “‘Round midnight

  1. ahhh spinning in the chair. 🙂 good times. 😉
    i didn’t think blogging every day would be a big deal but it’s proving to be just that. days like today, i’m left grasping at things to post about. what better excuse to throw up another photo of my Lovie? ;D i’m kind of fearful of what the next several days will bring as i don’t forsee much time online…


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