Say goodnight, Philip

I appreciated all of my Facebook friends who liked this status update eight days ago:


I’m glad that they “got it.” They understood what an achievement this was for Philip.

It was exciting that after three years of telling Philip, “Say ‘night night’ to Daddy” he finally said it. However, it was equally disappointing that he didn’t repeat it the following night or any other night since.  I guess it makes me begin to doubt what I heard. Even though Peter heard the phrase, too, I guess I wonder if it was only wishful thinking and or a case of hearing what I wanted to hear.

In addition to the instruction to say “night night,” we usually request that Philip give Daddy a hug, too. On most nights after Philip’s bath, Peter is already in bed reading a book when we follow this ritual. I guide Philip over to the bed so that he can hug Peter. If we’re lucky, he will quietly give the hug and then go downstairs with me. At other times, he likes to take a moment to use our bed as a trampoline before leaving Peter in peace.

Tonight, Philip and I were already back in the living room when Peter headed upstairs to go to bed. I gave my usual instruction and Peter paused on the stairs to say, “Night night, Philip.”

“ight ight” came the sing-song reply. Philip then spontaneously ran over to Peter on the stairs to give him a hug, too.

In addition to the smiles, Peter and I both had tears in our eyes.

If that isn’t a reason to be thankful today, I don’t know what is.

5 thoughts on “Say goodnight, Philip

  1. These moments are the best. We’ve been there. That’s how it started with Jay too. He’d say something. Then he wouldn’t for a long time again and we would wonder if we had imagined it. Then he’d say it again some time later. It became more and more frequent and consistent and then more and more words came. He talks to us every day now. Even if it’s just to tell us that he wants something. It is sooooooo exciting. Savor it mama 🙂


  2. Yeah!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! You know what? All that repetition is working! I like to think of it that their cataloguing every little thing and then boom when we least suspect it will happen they say something or do something and yup….I think I’ve imagined it too. Just keep doing what you are doing because you are creating opportunities for him. He’ll keep surprising you 😉


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