I love the library

I love libraries.

Today, I am thankful for my local public library. I love it so much, I went there twice today!

The first visit was my weekly Saturday morning trip with Philip.

I like having a place to take him regardless of weather. The library has a fish tank and toys we don’t have at home. Philip was the only kid in the children’s section this morning, but when there are others, it is an opportunity to work on his social skills.

The reason I made a second trip to the library was the quarterly Friends of the Library Book Sale. During the last hour of the sale you can fill a brown paper grocery sack of books for as little as $2.00. I’ve taken advantage of this bargain to acquire a ton of board books for Philip. However, he is so stocked up on books, I headed to the paperback section this afternoon. For $1.00, I got a bag full of mysteries, thrillers, action and suspense books for Peter and me to read. Since I arrived early, I had a chance to borrow some DVDs for Peter and me. When I have Philip with me, he doesn’t have the patience to let me browse through the titles.

I know I don’t take advantage of all of the programs offered through the library, but I am grateful that they exist. One program that our family has been using is story time. I’m thankful that Grandma took Philip to story time this summer and fall. The fall session ended earlier this month, so Philip will have to wait until January to continue listening to books read by a librarian, making crafts and playing with other children.

Philip posing with a robot he made at one of the fall story time sessions.

I love the library. I’m thankful to have one in my town.

3 thoughts on “I love the library

  1. i love the library, too! i’m happy we finally got one, as i used to have to drive two towns over just to go to the library. it’s a habit i picked up as a child, when my mom used to take all of us every wednesday (school ended early and the library was open late) to borrow books, and one i want to continue with my own child. i love those book sales, too! we find a lot of good books for real cheap! and we are supporting the library, which is always great. 🙂


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