Early to bed, but not early to rise

Forget you, Ben Franklin. You can keep your proverbs, thank you very much.

Later today, Peter and I will be headed to parent-teacher conferences. I’m thankful that there was an evening slot available so I won’t have to use vacation hours to leave work early. I know that, by the time we get there, the staff will probably be wishing they were home themselves, especially after putting in a full day of teaching first. I truly appreciate their time and sacrifice.

In order to be able to focus on the discussion, I asked my mom to watch Philip while we are at the conference.  She agreed and suggested that Peter and I go out to dinner afterwards. I’m thankful that we will now have a date night, our first since September. Plus, I’m thankful that I saved the coupon for Peter’s favorite restaurant and that it expires today and not last week.

Having already volunteered to watch Philip for a few hours, Grandpa and Grandma then offered to have him sleep over. I know, I know. It’s not like I had to twist any arms. Still, I’m thankful that they will babysit him all night.

What am I looking forward to most during our child-free evening?


I’m going to bed early. I won’t be glancing at my laptop’s clock at 9:30 pm wondering how long it will be before Philip falls asleep. I won’t be scrolling through my Netflix queue at a quarter past ten looking for the least-annoying yet also calming animated show to watch. When 11:00 pm rolls around, I won’t be chiding, “Stop jumping on the couch and lay down!” I won’t be carrying a slumbering toddler carefully up the stairs around midnight, silently praying that I don’t wake him when I lay him down in his bed or cover him with a blanket. I won’t be going back downstairs at 12:30 am if I do wake him, hoping that a little more milk, a few more squeezes and one more episode of “Super Why” will finally, finally send him to the Land of Nod.

I plan on sleeping in bed all night. Not scrunched up on the couch with a lumpy pillow, not awkwardly curled up in the recliner with my feet sticking out from under the blanket and not trying to get comfortable on the floor of Philip’s room using his over sized teddy bear as a cushion. I will sleep in my own bed. I’ll probably even be able to completely relax on my side of the bed instead of teetering on the edge because my husband, who will have been in bed for a couple of hours by now, has encroached on my territory. Plus, since I’ll go to bed at the same time or before Peter, I’ll be warm and snug under the covers and not trying to wrestle my way under a corner of the blanket without waking him.

Here’s hoping that insomnia doesn’t play some cruel trick on me tonight. Here’s hoping Peter’s snoring doesn’t keep me awake. Here’s hoping there are no thunderstorms that scare the dog prompting him to first whine from his bed, then pant in my ear and finally inspire him to stand on my pillow with his butt in my face looking for protection.  Here’s hoping I remember not to drink too much before bed and I can avoid stumbling to the bathroom at 3:30 am.

I might even sleep in tomorrow morning. Not too late since I still have to feed and walk the dog, pack my lunch, shower, dress and drive an hour to work, but just a little bit since I won’t have to worry about waking Philip.

I may not be healthy, wealthy or wise by morning, but at least I will be thankful to be well-rested.

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