I was worried that Philip would be grouchy at school today. His nap schedule was completely messed up over the weekend. He cried when I got him out of bed this morning. He wouldn’t take his vitamins or eat breakfast. He seemed fussy.

I went to work in a bit of a funk myself, tired from lack of sleep, saddened that sun and warm temperatures had been replaced by cold and rainy weather and, in general, suffering from a case of the Mondays. I plodded through the day.

When I got home from work, I picked up the “Daily Note” from the preschool. I saw a handwritten message at the top. I braced myself.

Here was what Philip’s teacher had written:

He had a good day today. He was happy all day and very engaged with materials.

Hmm. The day didn’t seem so bad after all.

What do you have to say about that?

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