October Magic: Walking after dark

He eats supper and then goes for a walk. That is the routine that he has learned. If he doesn’t go for a walk after eating supper, he expresses his consternation. Loudly. Never mind that we went for a walk before supper when there was still daylight. That doesn’t matter. He wants to go for a walk now. And heaven forbid that I utter the words “walk,” “ready,” “go,” or “outside” but then not take him for his walk. Then the protests just increase in volume.

“Alright, alright,” I mutter resignedly. “Stop barking. We’ll go for a walk.”

So it was that Philip and I were out after dark walking our dog, Roscoe. First I had to wrestle the excitedly wriggling dog into his harness. Then I had to prompt Philip to put on his shoes and coat a couple several times. When we were all in appropriate attire, we departed.

Almost ready to go outside for a walk.
Better not say that out loud

The weather was quite pleasant for a mid-October evening. The air was a mild yet not too cold for Philip who is still battling a sinus infection. I picked a route that wasn’t our shortest option but wasn’t too long either. We headed up the street with Philip kicking the leaves in the gutter with every other step. He has been having a grand time doing this on walks ever since the leaves started to fall. He is especially amused when a breeze catches the leaves, blowing them back in his face. For the most part, it is the dog who ends up covered in colorful leaf fragments. Meanwhile, Roscoe is busily sniffing in the piles of leaves hoping to discover some interesting aroma or hidden tidbit.

Plenty of leaves to kick

Soon Philip and Roscoe turned their attention to the acorns cracking underfoot. Roscoe gobbles them up as if he didn’t just eat his supper while Philip makes a game of rolling them along the sidewalk. He might opt to kick them or throw them. Last night he used a stick that he had discovered along our path.

The boys were so enamored with the acorns that a walk that usually lasts fifteen minutes stretched into thirty. I took turns coaxing first one and then the other to take at least a couple of steps progress toward home.

When we made the turn down a busier street, Philip was enthralled by the sight of headlights cresting a hill, growing brighter as the car neared us then sweeping past until we could only see the glow of red tail lights. Philip giggles and jumps when a car passes us in this manner. It is an added benefit of walking after sunset.

Thirsty dog

Safely back at home, I was prompting Philip to take off his shoes and coat as Roscoe went in the house to wash down all of the acorns he had consumed.
Soon the dog would be curled up in his chair asleep, and it would be safe to mention the words “walk,” “ready,” “go,” or “outside” without the risk of a barrage of barking.


I’m trying something new today by linking up with this man’s journey‘s “Weekly Image of Life: October Magic.”

4 thoughts on “October Magic: Walking after dark

  1. Your words breathes that inner joy that every parent feels when around their kids. Indeed you have a magical October moment and walk with Philip that will always brings a smile to your heart…even warmth even as the season gets colder. Wonderful post. Have a blessed weekend!


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