2012 Ashland County Farm Tour

When we moved back to my hometown last year, one of the events I wanted Philip to experience was the annual farm tour. The tour is a drive-it-yourself exploration of a select number of farms in the county. It is held on a Saturday and Sunday in the fall with preview opportunities offered to schools during the week.

I attended the farm tour both with school groups and my family when I was growing up. Even though I grew up in the country on a hobby-farm where we raised sheep and some other livestock, I always learned something new by touring other operations. Since Philip has only lived in the city, I know I need to make sure that he has seen where crops are grown and animals are raised.

We spent three hours driving through the northeastern part of the county. Of the ten stops available, we visited eight. I could probably spend the rest of the day writing about the tour, but I don’t want to ruin the experience by trying to put each detail into words. Here are some of the highlights in photos and captions.

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We really could not have asked for better weather for this day of touring farms. It was a great excuse for a drive and a chance to see parts of the county I’ve never traveled through before.

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