Friday Fifteen: The County Fair

“Friday Fifteen” is like “Thirteen Things Thursday” except the list has two more items. Most of this stuff happened on Thursday, but I had already published a post for the day and had to save it. Using the “Friday Fifteen” structure is a way to pass off my random thoughts as an organized post. Please pretend that it worked. 

1. Peter and I went to the opening day of the 161st Ashland County Fair on Sunday. I wrote about attending the modified tractor pull here.

2. On my way back to the grandstand from the ladies’ room, I was offered a free sample of a fried cheese curd. Peter and I had passed the bright yellow vendor’s truck earlier, and I had said something along the lines of “Cheese curds?! That doesn’t sound appetizing.” Nevertheless, I was so startled by the offer that I accepted and ate it. And I liked it. It had a nice, salty tang. And it was fried. What more could I ask for?

I hadn’t even noticed the guy with his arm out offering samples when I stopped to take this picture

3. We planned on returning to the fair later in the week with Philip, so Peter and I didn’t do much exploring on Sunday. When we did walk around, we kept picking out places and activities that we thought Philip might enjoy.

4. Our original idea was to go back to the fair on Wednesday night so that Peter could go to the truck pull. We canceled our plans since Philip’s coughing was so bad on Tuesday night and the temperatures weren’t as nice for sitting in the grandstand on Wednesday. When I called Peter on Thursday to let him know I was leaving work, he instructed me to meet him and Philip at the fair.

5. Thursday was the first ever “Bike Night.” When I arrived, Peter, Philip and my parents were waiting by some of the motorcycles on display. Prior to that, they had checked out the display of straw bale sculptures.

6. My mom, Philip and I all shared a giant pork tenderloin sandwich. Hey, it’s a BIG sandwich. This at least the third year in a row that Philip had nibbled on a pork tenderloin. I guess that’s becoming one of his traditions.

Bits of pork tenderloin on the table, Philip gazing up at the Vertigo ride in the background, Grandpa half cut out of the photo

7. I tried to get a picture of Philip eating his sandwich (since I have similar pictures from the past three years), but every time I snapped, he had his head turned looking at the Vertigo Swing Ride.

8. The only other thing that drew Philip’s attention away from the swing ride was the red star stamped on his hand. Children under ten are admitted for free, but Peter thought Philip should get his hand stamped anyway. Later, when I showed the same red star on my hand, Philip studied it carefully.

9. After eating, Peter wanted to take Philip to the midway. We headed to the area for smaller kiddies. When we took him to the pony ride area, Philip seemed to step back. We decided that meant he was not interested in riding a pony. He did however, keep straining to get a glimpse of the swing ride.

10. Peter was determined that Philip should try a ride. We found one that let an adult go on with the child. My mom went to get us ride tickets. By the time we got back to the ride, there was quite a line. I was afraid we weren’t going to make it on the ride the longer we waited. Philip, still not feeling the best, started to whimper and wanted to be held. We waited while two other groups of passengers rode in spinning bears. I thought we were going to get on the third time, but the operator closed the gate just as we got to the front of the line. Philip anxiously watched the ride from up close. I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen.

When we were admitted to the ride, the “Bear Affair,” Philip was nervous. Passengers sit inside the bear. I knew it would be a challenge to get Philip seated. He whimpered, but didn’t completely freak out since he could sit right next to me.

I look a lot happier than Philip.

Once on the ride, Philip did okay. There is a wheel in the center that riders can turn and make the bear spin. I knew it worked because I had seen at least two kids stumbling with dizziness as they exited the ride. Philip, a big fan of spinning, wasn’t wildly excited, but he did smile once when I got the bear spinning. He even tried to turn the wheel himself a couple of times. I don’t think he loved it, but at least he didn’t hate it.

11. After the ride, it was time to check out the animals. We took a quick stroll through the dairy barn. Philip didn’t seem interested and definitely didn’t like the sound of the milking machines in use on several cows in the barn.

12. Philip preferred our trip through the poultry barn. The sounds of crowing, gobbling and clucking were much more appealing.

13. After walking around and smiling at the chickens, ducks and turkeys, Philip once again whimpered and wanted to be held. We decided it was time to head home. Before leaving, we tried to find a booth with a balloon. No luck. 😦

14. Instead of a balloon, Philip did get a badge. One of the sheriff’s deputies pinned it on his jacket. She chatted with Philip as she quickly attached it to his coat. I was glad that she worked efficiently because I’m pretty sure he would have had a meltdown if she had touched him any longer. As it was, he looked down at his new accessory with concern.

Junior Deputy

15. As we made our way to the exit, we made a final pass near the midway. Philip spotted the swing ride again. We stopped beside it for a few minutes until the chilly wind compelled us to leave. Philip turned back to get a few final glimpses until it was out of sight.


9 thoughts on “Friday Fifteen: The County Fair

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time:) Just being in a busy place with so much visual and auditory stimuli with Phillip and he getting a chances to handle this is a big win.


    1. Being sick seemed to put more of a strain on Philip. I noticed more negative reactions to all of the stimuli. I’m glad we didn’t force him to stay any longer, because I don’t think he could have coped as well as he usually does.
      Believe it or not, I was actually feeling down about the experience until I started to write about it. Once I reflected on the visit, I realized that, while it wasn’t perfect, it hadn’t been some kind of disaster.


      1. I’ve felt the same way….having expectations then feeling down about what happened at an event and then finding stuff to be positive about. You are doing an amazing job btw:)


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